1. Re: Am I the only one who's inbox won't load for them

       Nope! Just started happening with me.

    2. Re: Thoughts on being a ghost writer

      I've done some ghostwriting (of novels, nothing online), but I only got the gigs because of previously-published work. The stuff that pays well is _extremely_ competitive. The stuff that pays okay, which (...)

    3. Re: How many chapters?

      I actually just learned an Important Fact! You _can't_ plan to post too many at once, because it takes up to 48 hours for the staff to clear the first one! I was planning on dropping a handful today, then (...)

    4. Re: How many chapters?

      In case anyone else is interested, it looks like the average chapter size for the top 10 Rising Stars is about 1,800 at the moment. 

    5. Re: How many chapters?

      Very clear and helpful, Bresandor. Thanks.  But also terrifying! My only real skill is good writing. (Which isn't the most important factor in traditional publishing, either.) I'm crap with community, (...)

    6. Re: How many chapters?

      ...knowing your audience and writing for them. LitRPG's especially are very well received on RR. Thanks so much to everyone! I hadn't considered front-page visibility. And it's nice to hear such (...)

    7. How many chapters?

      I write for a living, and spend most of my time on novels pitched for traditional publication. So I'm loving writing a Royal Road story without worrying about my agent and potential editors. If I'm just (...)

    8. Message me for a First Chapter review

      I think I've now reviewed/rated everyone who PMed a request, but I'm technologically boneheaded (my first 3 'reviews' were just comments, and someone had to tell me I was doing it wrong!) so I may have (...)

    9. Re: In Over My Head!

      A business journalist! I've only sold a handful of articles over the years. They're so hard. Novels are easier. They just happen to take FOREVER ... And politics is amazing. I've written some children's (...)

    10. One Chapter, Two Styles: I'll Review Your First Pages

      I'm a traditionally-published novelist. Very curious about RR, and planning to dip my toes in the water in a few weeks or months. So I'm poking around now, reading random chapters, still learning about (...)

    11. Re: In Over My Head!

      Just wondering I guess if you've given self-publishing any thought at all. I self-published one thing as an experiment. It's interesting. I didn't lose money, but I suspect I"m just not entrepreneurial (...)

    12. Re: In Over My Head!

       I'm in the process of learning not to take my time quite so much... It's an interesting exercise in discipline. I'm toying with a story now. I want my protag to get from Plot Point A to Plot Point (...)

    13. Re: In Over My Head!

       have a prostitute mother who they also hate (because she's willing to do anything to provide for them!) Huh. I haven't seen that trope--thankfully. Anti-sexworker bias is ugly. And I'm a father. (...)

    14. Re: In Over My Head!

      Huh. I guess I'm not the Only Old around! Maybe I'll write a story where a middle-aged guy is portalled to a fantasy world and defeats monsters with the power of Dad Jokes.

    15. Re: In Over My Head!

      Welcome. Kudos on being published. I have little idea of how that works other than that trying to get picked up is supposed to be incredibly difficult. I hope you enjoy RR and your fictions find an (...)

    16. Re: In Over My Head!

       I’d love to hear more about fantasy books via traditional publishers. I’ve heard tell they are hard to get on with when writing fantasy.  I’m 50 and have just begun what I hope to be my calling. (...)

    17. Re: In Over My Head!

      Hello! I suppose what I'm wondering is why you're interested in being successful on Royal Road when you've already got an audience, publishers, and presumably make decent money off your work. There's (...)

    18. In Over My Head!

      I'm a traditionally-published author, with nine novels released by Doubleday, HarperCollins, and Penguin Random House. Some children's fantasy, some adult thrillers. I posted a novel here under another (...)