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The best book ever made!

This story is very well done! The plot follows a lot of people at once, with only one pov! It is great. The characters are all very well fleshed out, the story is at a good pace, and the 'secret' litrpg elements are implemented well! Everything about this book can be thought of as the MAGNUM OPUS of Royal Road. The grammer of this book is impeccable, and the style flows well from word to word. 

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What LITRPG There is Only Needlework [Hiatus]

I love the mc so much. I love that she is just so obsessed with needlework, and that is all she does. I love her personality, how straightforward she is, her friends, everything about this book is amazing. I love how the apocalypse is done, I love the system, I cannot find any faults within this perfect book. That is because I am weird though. Love it, and I hope this will be revisited soon!

There Will Be Dragons Here

This book is done really well. I love the system, with all of the checks for everything even though this isn't a complete dice-rpg. I love that while you can definitly feel the mc's power rising, it isn't insanely fast. The system is very well done and I love how the power progression feels. Now go, and read this book! 

Hive Minds Give Good Hugs

This, so far, is good. The mc has character, backstory, and is actually freaking out about what is happening. And if you think it isn't enough, there is a good explanation for it that I will tell you. 


She is basically trying to survive, and only that. Also, she did ask to be more confident from the... thing? I don't know what it is called, but she did ask for that.

But anyway, this is a good book! Love it so far!

Oak: A Tree's Quest

This was a nice read. Honestly, when I saw the end, I thought it was just done. Apparantly this is just on hiatus though? Well whatever. This is a good story about Oak the Dryad. He learns a lot and ends up fighting some humans. Fun and chaos ensue. Good read, especially for how short it is. Hope this is picked up again!

Love Crafted

I love this book. The fact that one of the mcs is an eldritch horror is amazing, especially since their perspective on everything is stupidly warped and different. Everything so far has been done really well. I don't really know what else to say. This is an amazing book... and that's it? The mc is funny and Abigail is cute. Tentacles are life?

Mother of Learning

This is a great book. The entire loop is well done, and I love how while the mc ends up being strong, he never gets... op af. He gets strong, but not too strong. The magic system is well thought out, the characters are well thought out and have a backstory, and the loop thing actually makes sense. Anyway, stop reading reviews and READ READ READ!!!

Kitty Cat Kill Sat

This is such a great story. I love that the mc has so much power... and is a CAT. The mc has such a unique take on... everything, I don't know how the author did it! Also, I love its pet so much. I mean... its something that could be part of another story in of itself, it could be literally the end game boss, and it is a pet! I love this story so far, and I hope you do too!

Beauty in Simplicity

This book has a very simple theme, but it is an amazing theme. I love how the mc is, especially his personality. Generally, this is an amazing book that everyone should read. The system-like aspects generally aren't super important in this story, but honestly... it doesn't need to be. I love it so far, keep writing!

Blue Box Cultivation

So far, this is a good book. The style of writing is good, and I like the way that there was a tiny pov change that gave insight into what happened. Additionally, the mc seems to be a decent person, thought I don't know too much about him yet. 

The pov change is the hawk that tried to kill him in chapter five. I think that paragraph really helped explain why the hawk was missing a talon and generally allowed the readers to understand more about the hawk.