Sam Tolan

Sam Tolan

Cutting to Life: an NPC LitRPG (Battle Royale)

Cutting to Life: an NPC (...)
by cowllumi
357 pages

Nikola is an NPC in The World of Wills, a video game where players can feel sensations as if they were truly there. She leads a life of bloodshed and murder - that is, until one day she wakes up sapient. Just as she begins thinking real, non-scripted thoughts and making connections, she and the players in the game are told that if they die in the game, they die in real life - and it's time to get killing.

But what of Nikola, the emerging AI consciousness? How does she win in a game that can only end in her being wiped from existence at the end of it all?

- Updates Mondays and Fridays.

Cutting to Life is a slow-burn LitRPG with a villainous (later anti-hero, or maybe still villainous, haha) female lead.

It's told from the perspective of Nikola, an NPC within the World of Wills who's become sapient and is now mysteriously able to play the game as a PC. It's quite light for a LitRPG, but the system and stats become more of a focus later when Nikola herself can access them.

The story gradually builds into a Battle Royale where the players' lives are on the line (if you die in the game, you die in real life), and only one party of savvy adventurers can win. They'll have to spend their time and stats wisely as dungeons promising rare gear float down from the sky - but is a legendary sword worth killing someone for, knowing they'll stay dead forever? 

- This story is told in third person, past tense.
- This is a slow-burn LitRPG that spends a lot of time establishing its setting and characters, because I believe this will make for a better payoff in the end. As such, the Battle Royale doesn't start until chapter 30 or so.
- Chapters are anywhere between 800 words and 3000 words long.
- Book cover by Vixeona.

Cutting to Life is also being posted on SPB and Scribble Hub.
Thank you sincerely for reading.

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Under the Moons

Under the Moons
by T.H.
0 pages

After unsuccessfully sneaking out of the palace, Lucille Carolei ends up with two options: Marry a random man she's never met, or find a way to get her freedom without getting caught yet again. 
But when her dreams finally come true, she realizes that her life wasn't the one on the line...but someone else's.

Updates at least once a week :)

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Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG Story)

Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG (...)
by VyStarlit
515 pages

No good deed goes unpunished. Nova Davis learns this first hand when helping a crying girl leads to being transported to another world. Attacked by monsters, hunted by gods, and dealing with a secretive Summoner who is insistent she help him build a guild, Nova can't catch a break. And this is only the beginning of her issues. At least she has a cool System that gives her skills, right? Too bad its malfunctioning. 

While Nova struggles with a glitchy system and a class she's not sure how to use, she'll explore the wonders and magic of a fantasy world and the creatures within it. Come and follow Nova in Wayfarer's Guild, a LitRPG story that combines adventure and slice-of-life.

Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday around 11am EST.

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Sovereign of Wrath

Sovereign of Wrath
by MadMaxine
859 pages

On the cusp of realizing how to be herself, a young woman’s life ends in tragedy. Reborn as a demon, she hopes that answers, revenge, and closure await her at the end of her journey home. Along the way, she'll learn the truth behind her death, and of the greater conspiracy she may now have the power to stop. 

After all, Zarenna isn’t your typical demon


Updates Wednesdays & Saturdays

Gender Bender tag is in place of a Transgender tag.

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The Painter: A fantasy psych thriller and epic

The Painter: A fantasy (...)
by Banner Caygeon
100 pages

- Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed, I'm happy to say The Painter is in the top 200 best-rated fictions. 
- Readers of The Painter have suggested reading through Chapter 6 before making a decision on this book.
- The story takes place in the Lootverse, but you don't need a canonical understanding to appreciate the story

For a time, the Painter's life was simple. He lived in the small town of Kinon (called Kinney by locals) with his wife, Kahriah and his son, Thesdon. The story begins with him alone and unable to travel more than a few hundred miles from his home. For 5 years he tried to chart his prison until one day a letter appears with a mysterious commission that will see him test his condition and his boundary. 

Set roughly 50 years before the impending end of days (from Loot canon), The Painter is a story about loss, grit, and exploration of a seemingly normal man in a world of magic and monsters. The Painter will follow the man on his adventure to restore his family, uncover his commissioners and discover the nature of his condition. 

Loot is the decentralized, global, community built fantasy world based on Dom Hoffman's art/tech experiment: Loot. 

Fun fact: The cover of our book is painted by the artist, who the MC is loosely based on and the same person painting the Banners (digitally) IRL for an art/worldbuilding project. 

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How I Met Your Monster

How I Met Your Monster (...)
by Chaos Jester
221 pages

A blog exploring the new nonhumans only dating app Unhinged. Join me, Silas Donovan, as I go on interviews with some of the app's many users!

(Each entry is self-contained)

 [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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Free Lances

Free Lances
by Avitue
776 pages

"All right, boys and girls, quit sucking your ma's teats. It's high time we bloody earn our paychecks!"

Born in times of turmoil, orphaned at a young age, and raised amongst rowdy sellswords, young Reinhardt Edelstein joined the mercenary trade as well when he grew up.

When misfortune finally caught up with them, and the mercenary company he had been part of fell into an ambush and was decimated, he survived by chance, along  with a few others.

Then he found the baton of responsibility passed on to his hand, as the adopted nephew of the late captain.

Stuck behind enemy lines, with only the tattered remnants of the once proud company around him, he strived to do his best, to rebuild the company to its former glory... Should they survive the current conflict.

Would he succeed in etching his name in the annals of history? Or would he end up as a mere footnote instead?

Only time will tell…

Chapters will range from 1-2k words, scheduled for release every day from Monday to Friday.



-War, with little to no punches pulled.

-Army building

-Tragedies, and dark Comedy/gallows humor.

-Occasional action

Do not expect:

-Much in terms of romance

-Much politics, barring passing views and mentions

-A lighthearted tale. This story will not play nice.

Any comments, reviews, and criticism will be much appreciated.

And thank you for reading.


This story is my original work and only posted on the Royal Road and Scribblehub websites. If you should find this story elsewhere or under another name, please let me know.

Also please don't be too hard on me when I make occasional grammatical mistakes, English is my third language after all. XD

Edit suggestions are very welcome though.


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What the Green Bird Sees

What the Green Bird Sees (...)
by alittlegreenbird
201 pages

On a lovely tree with vibrant leaves that welcome the dawning spring, sits a little green bird. Like all of the humans it watches, the small creature is just as ordinary yet just as unique. Some days, it spreads its viridescent wings to survey a rooftop. Other days, it puffs up its fluffy feathers and takes a nap. What lives has the little bird flown by? What stories has it witnessed? This is the tale of the little green bird's adventures, its journey through the skies.

This fiction updates every day, with each new story involving a word with a beautiful meaning.

Cover art credits to lx!

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No Name Doll

No Name Doll
by nevermorecalls
9 pages

What happens when a doll doesn't get a name? 

"Death" is a concept found in everything, even in that in the wake of precious dolls whose sole purpose is to live and play with their owners. In the evening of Christmas, a doll awakens to a dark cabinet where she meets another doll who has grown bitter about the world. She reveals that every doll must be given a name to be remembered by their owners, or they will perish into the void.

Will the doll get her name or is she doomed to be forgotten and left to dust in the cabinet forever?

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The First Flame

The First Flame
by Kobayashi
1.3k pages

In a single night of bloodshed and horror, Iris lost everything. She lost her village, her family, her friends and is alone in this cold world that seeks to only take more from her.

She only has Arylos; an ancient and powerful being trapped in a mortal body. The last of a powerful godlike species beyond imagination, Arylos has nothing left save for a girl whose village was destroyed and he has no one to blame but himself.

And yet these two must find common ground; pushing forward as a duo with only each other to lean on. What could go wrong, besides everything?

As machines fight gods and we find ourselves under new skies, the earth crumbles beneath the stars as our reality cries.

Welcome to Unbecoming, volume 4 of a series a year in the making. Join us for new chapters every Monday and Friday at 20:00 CST.

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Unfortunately, I'm an Evil Villainess

Unfortunately, I'm an (...)
by lyharbour
595 pages

I was Lady Valentina Avington, the beautiful, wicked, and narcissistic villainess of a novel. When I recalled memories of my past life, I decided I wanted everything the heroine had. 

Using my knowledge of the future, I became a fake saint, the successor to my house, the future queen, and won over the male leads. When the novel began, all I had to do was dispose of the female lead. 

Yet nothing was as it seemed, and before I knew it, my perfect facade fell to pieces. 

“You’re not who I thought you were.”

“I despise you, Sister.”

“It’s revolting to even look at you.”

Call it ambition or greed, I would get what I wanted, by any means necessary. No matter the cost, I would definitely win. 

No need to like me, I have no excuses. Will you be cheering for my downfall, like the rest of them?


Updates every Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 PM EST.
Join my discord server to read one chapter ahead:
Become a patron and read a few more chapters ahead:

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The Accidental Summoning

The Accidental Summoning (...)
by Kos
1.5k pages

Meet Melvin Murphy, your average everyday teen trying to make his way through high school.  One day he awakens and learns of a system that governs all magic.

In his attempt to summon a master to show him the ropes, he accidentally botches the ritual and summons Kalliphae.  This is the story of how two kids from different worlds grow into their own while surviving things like school, bullies, and vampires.

Release schedule:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 00:30 PST.

Come join the discussion.  I'd love to hear from you.  I also include a bonus chapter on my discord.   Discord Link

You can join me for live streams of my writing at:  Twitch Link

You can preorder book 1 here: Amazon Link - Comes out 12/7 and the audiobook by Nathin Agin here: The-Accidental-Summoning-Audiobook

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