1. Re: Other platforms

      Thanks everyone. I seen scribble hub mentioned and checked it out. I don't know if my current Sci-Fi would do well there. Lots and lots Anime style covers. Not that that's bad by any means. Just not the (...)

    2. Other platforms

      Do any of you post across multiple platforms? Are there any comparable to RR? I release here, inkitt and Wattpad. Here being the most successful by far. 

    3. Re: Running two titles

      Thanks for the input.

    4. Running two titles

      How do those of you who run multiple titles feel about your quality? Does it affect it?  And, does it help you build a following? 

    5. Re: Action - BbB

      I totally agree, blow by blow is how to do it. Fights that bug me the most are "name your attack fights." I read/listened to a book called martial arts cultivator. Fight scenes were usually a wash of MMA (...)

    6. Re: What's your absolute favorite sentence from your current wip?

      This is a scene from my WIP. Gave me goose bumps when I wrote it.  CONTAINS PROFANITY! “I’ll kill you and this whore! Move, boy!” she stepped again, dragging her hostage. Time stopped. (...)

    7. Re: Daily Word Count - Can such a thing be?

      I shoot for around 1000-1500 a day. But I also revise the previous days writing which takes some time. Like many here, full time job, family and other projects eats a lot of my time. 

    8. Re: Um… how’s your day?

      My daughter was born yesterday. So really feeling good today. 

    9. Re: That one character that ruins the entire story.

      Any side character that  breaks down at the slightest bit of tension. 

    10. Re: What should I do with a book?

      I feel that any work deserves a solid polish. Especially if it's a complete novel. If you are in the middle of a new manuscript, I wouldn't recommend mixing the revision into your schedule. But if you (...)

    11. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      Figured I could drop my story in here if some one is looking for a new read.  Solarr: the world after.   This is an action mystery set in a forgotten society on Mars. 

    12. Re: 10 Followers! Yahoo!!

      Way to go! That's awesome! Story looks good for sure. Adding it to my reading list!

    13. Re: Sountracks/playlists?

      I've never had a specific playlist to the story. But, I hear certain songs that make me think of the characters or give inspiration. While writing, I typically listen to "Zelda study music" from youTube (...)

    14. Re: question on weapon skills

      Depending on how you are presenting the skills in your story. You could set a whole branch that combines similar weapons. * Shaft(ed) weapons skills, Tipped weapons skills, Ect. 

    15. Wooo hoooo! 5 followers

      Well at two months in, I finally have five followers. Interestingly, there are about 10-15 readers who read my releases day of. I deeply appreciate them as well. But it's still awesome to have 5 official (...)

    16. Re: Review swap/request

      Sounds awesome. Added to read later!  

    17. Re: New author to the site! Swinging by to say hello :)

      Welcome! Look forward to seeing your works!! 

    18. Re: What ruins a great character?

      I get really put off by characters that are awesome only because they're the lead. Walk through any challenge with out a sweat. Girls/women/men love them for existing and hurl themselves at them. They (...)

    19. Re: Ecchi or harem with good plot and real characters?

      Dragons justice series by Bruce Sentar isn't bad. The relationships are decent built. Pro tag is kind of obnoxious though. Other than that, solid world and no major plot holes. The third book is pretty (...)

    20. Re: My first novel reached 10k views and 100 followers today!

      That's incredible. Well done and keep it up.