1. RE: WC's Mutual Reviews 2.0

      And review for sinkingship's story done as well, check it out: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/12374/once-more?review=154775#review-154775 That clears up the queue, check out the reviews i've done in (...)

    2. RE: WC's Mutual Reviews 2.0

      Did ei83mon's review here: https://royalroadl.com/fiction/12190/different-worlds?review=154747#review-154747 Oh I'm interested! I actually read a lot of your other story too a couple months back, so (...)

    3. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      Ranting about reviews huh? I know how you feel. But still, even though it makes us a little pissed, writing is still fun. That it is, that it is. Also, helpful reviews are always fun, especially (...)

    4. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      Hey Eye, haven't see you in a while! And I made a stockpile for my new series too and it's working out pretty well atm. I'd say it's definitely the way to go, especially if you can keep some in reserve (...)

    5. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      I'd have to put my money on it being a stockpile. Who is the user/what is the name of the fiction? I've been writing a new series and I'm thinking of having at least 20 chapters ready before I start (...)

    6. RE: The vast majority of authors on RoyalRoadl

      That's just the stuff that's popular here because that's what this site is famous for (just like how you'd expect a bunch of werewolf smut on wattpad.) You can find different stuff eventually. Also, I (...)

    7. WC's Mutual Reviews 2.0

      Once upon a time, when the forums were less dead than they are right now, I made a review swap thread that worked out pretty well for everyone involved! First, know that I consider RRl an amateur writing (...)

    8. RE: Review of a Fantasy Story

      I'm almost at the end of my first arc in my fantasy story. About 16 chapters and and almost around 30K words.  It's about 103 pages in RRL though I'm not sure how this page count works. It's (...)

    9. RE: First and Last Letter Game

      Yolk (oh look, wing was here)

    10. RE: Recommend something good. by good...

      I think my new story might fit your parameters. It's about book-based magic in a fantasy world, with a clear objective for the mc, and a not so clear route to it. Check it out: https://royalroadl.com/fiction/12599/pagebreak (...)

    11. RE: What should previously powerful characters act like when they turn weak?

      Thats the kind of moment where you really get to show off your character's flaws, imo. I believe everyone has already given you a pretty good summary of things that could effect how your mc reacts, but (...)

    12. RE: Hello guys I am here to promote my webnovel

      man I am just fifteen and english isn't my first language so istead of trashing me for making errors .... just tell me where they are so I can corect them, that be nice. Thank you. You can also (...)

    13. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      RRl encourages an intense publishing schedule too, so it's definitely a legitimate strategy. I'm more surprised that this person can pull it off tbh. We sure it isn't a stockpile of chapters being released (...)

    14. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      If it's about personality, I think what SeaGangster said is a good point. Why are they assassins in the first place ? What's their motive, their background, what do they think about their job, etc. It's (...)

    15. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      Warhammer 40,000 is a great example of how varied Assassins can be. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Officio_Assassinorum The Callidus is the stealthy, infiltration type, the Vindicare are the military snipers (...)

    16. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      I also feel like many people forget that the encloaked loner swinging daggers and sneaking through windows isn't the only sort of assassin there is. It would be interesting to make a story about a politician (...)

    17. Shakespeare is overrated.

      The forums are dead, and nobody checked these threads anyways but... Come read Pagebreak!A brand new fantasy adventure story from the author of RE:WRITE. It's got: magic, books, science, philosophy, (...)

    18. RE: Can someone review my story please. Happy to review others.

      Just started writing my story, though I do have a plan for the story, I recognize it isn't a typical story on this site. It does start off a bit slow, unlike most RRL, it doesn't start with the familiar (...)


      I think all japanese LNs with the harem tag have a slave romance thing. Can't think of any with sexy time atm but will get back to you if i remember.

    20. RE: Writer's Thread for Writers!

      Nah, assassins in other media fall into the same stereotypes, kind of like 'special agents' and 'detectives.' And i don't mean cliched assassins are necessarily bad, just that they act fairly predictably, (...)