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    1. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story SONG of EMBER Traditional Fantasy Fiction GENRES: Adventure // Drama // High Fantasy // Magic // Romance (...)

    2. Re: Authors are disappearing left and right.

      Somehow, I never felt that way. I have 31 followers, so it’s obvious people recognize my work. I did review swaps with authors that had hundreds or thousands of followers. It never bothered me because (...)

    3. Re: My First Review

      The first review is always a memorable one! 'Grats! :DrakanAmused: ~ Saf

    4. Re: Just reached 10K views!

      10,000 views is amazing! Here's to to the next 10,000! :DrakanAmused: 'Grats! ~ Saf

    5. Re: Hey, I'm relatively new.

      Hello, and welcome! Good luck finding readers - I hope you enjoy posting here! :DrakanAmused: ~ Saf

    6. Re: 100+ followers

      This week has been incredibly stressful but so very rewarding and on top of it all I get to write something I love and share it with people who are also enjoying it. I can totally relate to that sentiment! (...)

    7. Re: Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      SONG of EMBER  TLDR: Fisherman sets out to trap a siren who's been ruining his livelihood, and it lures him into the ruins of a forgotten mountain kingdom... Thanks for this idea; I'm a notoriously (...)

    8. Re: How To Self-Promote (without review swaps) // tips & tricks?

      Alexalee offers shoutouts if you review Thick as Thieves. She is popular and it is fantasy (not Litrpg) that is broadly like yours Saf. It is still reviewing but the minimum word count for a review is (...)

    9. Re: How To Self-Promote (without review swaps) // tips & tricks?

      I'm just starting out so take mine with a grain of salt.  1. My biggest promotion strategy has been putting out chapters. That's it. I just put out chapter consistently.  2. The next thing I do is just (...)

    10. How To Self-Promote (without review swaps) // tips & tricks?

      I'll start by offering what has been the most important for me so far: ➼ DECENT COVER ART - I improved mine shortly after posting my story here, and I do think it made a difference...      A cover (...)

    11. Re: Promote your story by naming 5 highly specific items and 5 emotions related to it.

      SONG of EMBER - high fantasy drama 5 ITEMS: Fishing Net • Glowing Stone • Honey Jar • Magic Sword • Siren Fang 5 EMOTIONS: Suspicion • Awe • Fear • Love • Rage

    12. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story SONG of EMBER Traditional Fantasy Fiction GENRES: Adventure // Drama // High Fantasy // Magic // Romance (...)

    13. Re: Hi everyone

      Hi, my name is Holly Mulligan. I hope I can provide you with at least some decent fiction on here. Hi, Holly! Thanks for introducing yourself! I love meaning new people, and Cinn's beginner guide was (...)

    14. Re: What's the best schedule for releasing chapters?

      Hi! I have recently started posting a novel onto this website. Before posting it I had already made 8 full chapters (un edited) around 1000-3000 words each plus a small prologue. I have release the prologue (...)

    15. Re: Promote your story by comparing it to titles in other mediums

      Song of Ember's protagonist is Luke Skywalker from A New Hope, but instead of rescuing a princess he is lured away by a siren. The setting is The Lord of the Rings, but only the ruined mountain kingdoms (...)

    16. Re: Curious about Royal Road's Community

      Interesting questions!  I don't know the answers to any of them either, but I did hear that the male/female reader ratio was much more male than female before I made my account here; not sure if that's (...)

    17. Re: Promote Your Story with a Poem

      From the world of "Song of Ember," a bit of lore and siren culture: Into the wildwood they fled Where Magic makes its den And sank unto the ocean deep To dwell apart from Men The wildwood, the (...)

    18. Re: 4000+ VIEWS and NEW CHAPTER // second celebration!

      Congrats on all your achievements, Saf!  I consider hiatus as a bad news for both readers and writers alike, especially an unexpected one. While writers worry about readers coming back, readers are equally (...)

    19. Re: Author ranking update timing question

      As I'm just an excitable person in general I can't help but check my author dashboard several times an hour a day. Well, if this isn't the most relatable thing I've read all day, lol. I appreciate (...)

    20. Re: Several trials and a lot of errors after, hello RR

      After a long back and forth of deciding where to host my story, finally ended up here. Now I get to unlock achievements and trophies, get EXP and new frames. I legit have no idea what I am doing but I'm (...)