R L Grey

R L Grey

Silence the Hunger

A Rapidly Improving Gluttony Novel

Silence the Hunger is a fresh take on the Lit-RPG genre, where humanity, or at least part of it, become the invaders that we usually see in other Lit-RPG novels.


The style is quite spontaneous, with events happening that drive the story forwards but with short build ups between each Mini event. Overall though, the story follows a nice progression from one location to another with growth, both character and strength, along the way.


The story is great, a Berserk of Gluttony style character thrust into the position of Cannon fodder for an inter galactic army. The fights are unique, being more nitty gritty since the Mac's teeth become his best weapon, and the hidden agenda of The Seven is hinted at and beginning to be slowly revealed.


There's not much to say about the grammar. I can't spot any mistakes when I read and any that do pop up will probably be quickly corrected as the author is very active among the comments.


If I was reviewing this before the new chapters were added, I would give the characters 3.5 stars, purely for Alphonse being the edgy badass with a knack for troublemaking that he is. However, the author has taken on board the criticism given to him by his readers and turned what were once side characters into a true supporting cast.


Overall, I look forwards to seeing the author continue to find their writing style and hone their craft. Definitely pick up Silence the Hunger if you need that Lit-RPG kick.

The Shadows Become Her

Vivid fantasy through the eyes of a child

The Shadows Become Her is an in-depth story about a girl's journey to become a Shadow: mage-spies, warriors, and seamen, after her old life was torn apart. Its got an interestig magic system that I look forwards to learning more about, and a large, life-like world that I can't wait to explore.


Style: The novel is written as if the main character was telling a story, being able to give insights into the workings of the world with their knowledge whilst also being able to tell the story of someone who has none (and is learning with the rest of us).


Story Score: The story is logical and entertaining, the two things I believe any good story should be. Everything that happens makes sense in the context of the world, there are no plot holes that I can see, and the world is so vivid and expansive that it actually makes reading the passages of a history textbook (or in this case, C.L.Robinson's mini explanations at the end of the chapters) enjoyable.


Grammar: I have spotted no errors so far and if anyone does and comments it, it will be fixed quickly.


Characters: The only section that misses out on a 5 star rating, albeit barely. I love all the side characters that have been introduced so far, each has their own life outside of the story's plot and that life continues onwards despite the little bump out main characters cause in them. However, the main characters are slow to change. Not to say they don't, but whilst they have emotional reactions to the events that take place, some of those don't translate fully into character development. Now this may just be my personal preference, and I'm enjoying the character development they are going through. Hence, 4.5 stars.