1. Re: Tiny spark wizard

      Looks like mysterious fires happen wherever he goes. Oh yeah, absolutely. :D

    2. Tiny spark wizard

      Everyone here is posting really amazing art, so I'm here to balance it out with some really terrible one.  :DrakanLaugh: I'm sure some of you have seen the drawings of the duct-tape wizard or the rock, (...)

    3. Re: Idea - opinion requested

      Dying on screen is 1000x times better than off screen. I'd do that. If you make them die off screen, better construct a very powerful set of scenes to make up for it.  True. I suppose that it is easier (...)

    4. Re: I want to review/rate your stuff (~50 followers and below)

      I can see there are quite a lot of people already, but if you'd have space for one more, I'd love a review. ^^; I have a few projects. Glavas, hunter for hire is a bit of a found family high fantasy, (...)

    5. Idea - opinion requested

      So, I have two ideas on how to handle character death in my books, and I wanna know some of your opinions on which would be more impactful. Situation: The protagonist has travelled to a new place and (...)

    6. Re: What is your process for overcoming writer's block

      Sometimes waiting for a few days helps. Other times one has to push through or try writing something else. For this reason, I recommend having two projects at once, maybe one smaller one, so that if you (...)

    7. Re: stories with expansive and interesting worldbuilding?

      My story Glavas, hunter for hire has moments of fantasy world-building with crazy (and sometimes terrifying) creatures and places, as well as different cultures. Still, the narrative is the priority, so (...)

    8. Re: Long GL 100k+words

      My Glavas, hunter for hire has over 100k. There isn't explicit gore or sex, but in the middle chapters, there is some death and dark stuff.  :DrakanThinking:

    9. Re: Wholesome sibling relationships

      My story, Glavas, hunter for hire has two childhood friends who practically become siblings for one another. There's still drama and action, so it's not all cute and wholesome, but the two always stick (...)

    10. Promote your story by telling us the deeper message

      Most stories have some deeper message hidden in them. What would yours be? I'll give some examples here: Glavas, hunter for hire - The inability to tell where the line between good and evil lies. What (...)

    11. Re: Going for the Positive! Anyone needing Feedback?

      Well, just as in the previous thread, I'd like to suggest my Glavas, hunter for hire. It is very much a high fantasy. Focuses mainly on characters, but as they travel, the world, inhabitants, and traditions (...)

    12. Re: Going to Review Some Cause I Have The Time

      There are quite a few people already, but if you'd have a space for one more, I'd like to suggest my Glavas, hunter for hire. It is very much a high fantasy. Focuses mainly on characters, but as they travel, (...)

    13. Re: January 2023 Thread - Promote your Story

      I'll just really simplify it. Glavas, hunter for hire - A hunter of magical monsters finds special children and protects them from a demon. Artist's nightmare - Author has to save his own world but (...)

    14. Re: How to Survive Negative Feedback

      You are absolutely right. It's not easy being a writer. I feel like this hobby in particular carries a lot of hurdles that can be difficult to overcome. I want to add a few, if I may. Losing readers (...)

    15. Re: Your worst fear

      I am horrified that one day, some prick will be like: "Oi! You can't write a character with a disability without having it yourself!" And then my image will be torn to pieces.

    16. Re: What's your favorite part of Writing?

      I just like seeing the story grow. To watch the book slowly taking shape bit by bit.  :DrakanMelt:

    17. Re: Is AI Right?

      The point was not to compare mathematics with art. Instead like the other examples I gave I wanted to show you that the human element has disappeared from many an occupations. Do you think that people (...)

    18. Re: Is AI Right?

      How is your crocheted sweater for the upcoming winter coming along? What about the harvest, are you tilling the field for next planting season? Have you visited the computer lately? I've heard many (...)

    19. Re: Is AI Right?

      The problem with AI is that while a human is only getting inspired by art, the AI literally takes it and just reshapes it. It is technically writing fanfiction of everything at the same time while claiming (...)

    20. Is there something like too many pages?

      Simple question: Can a book ever be too long? How many pages do you think would be too much?