Scribble Scrawl

Scribble Scrawl

    1. Re: What is something you hate to see in a story?

      It's also terrible writing practice to give your character an unusual trait then completely fail to explore it.  It particularly makes no sense in reincarnation stories where the MC was an adult before (...)

    2. Re: What is something you hate to see in a story?

      Like, Goblin Slayer works because it is what it is and it's honest about it, yeah? And it’s not like it stays Berserk-levels of dark, anyway. Speaking of Goblin Slayer, ever since Mother’s Basement gave (...)

    3. Re: Any Tips For Fully Planning Out A Story Begginning To End?

      Figure out your ending, and then work towards that. This works for arcs, too - figure out the end of the arc, and work towards it. Don't adhere too hard, allow yourself to deviate from your original plan (...)

    4. Re: Would people read my webnovel after a hiatus?

      People will absolutely read it before, during and after hiatus. A lot of it is going to be people who just now found it, and most of them probably won't even pay enough attention to your chapter release (...)

    5. Re: What is something you hate to see in a story?

      When character dialogue will completely 180 into forced drama conflict between the main cast in a way that feels like an entire chapter was cut out. Like the writer just picked a character from the cast (...)

    6. Re: Start a new novel.

      I have found taking a shower, I relax enough to get inspiration before I write. Take a shower and start writing Aaron Sorkin takes five or more showers a day when he writes. At that point I'd just (...)

    7. Re: Do you ever feel the need to rewrite your earlier chapters?

      I feel the urge to rewrite almost constantly, but I've seen too many good stories die to perpetual rewrites and refuse to let that happen to me. Flawed start or not, I'm going to finish the whole thing (...)

    8. Re: How do ya deal with negative reviews?

      Try to assess and reflect on if the negative review has any merit to it. If it doesn't, shrug and move on. If it does, hey, you just got a weak spot pointed out that you can improve on. Either way though, (...)

    9. Re: Favorite/Least favorite tropes in LitRPG?

      My least favorite by far is when the protagonist is reincarnated or otherwise transformed into a nonhumanoid form and then immediately obtains a human form again through some ability or other. My favorite (...)

    10. Re: Villain Motivations

      A lot of people thought Tai Lung was a shallow and weak villain in the first Kung Fu Panda movie, but I think they were just missing the point (despite it being pretty on the nose at times): the dude was (...)

    11. Re: So I’m confused

      I wouldn't worry about it, personally. Getting positive reception is good, but something is always going to have to be at the #1 spot, or the #100 spot, or the #10,000th spot. Literally all 10,000 stories (...)

    12. Re: Do you write short stories? And why?

      I read, Ray Bradbury, the great Sci-fi and fiction writer said, "Write one short story a week. It's impossible to write 52 bad stories." Ray never heard of Ken Penders. :peogiggle: Jokes aside, (...)

    13. Re: What does your protagonist want the most?

      It hasn't come up in story yet, but more than anything Bradán wants a bunch of people to knock it off and to just vibe.

    14. Re: The roots of RR's popular fiction

      The Wizard of Oz probably. I'm mostly joking, though I do think it did (along with Alice in Wonderland) actually inspire a lot of that kind of sent to another world thing. Also, hope you're enjoying being (...)

    15. Re: Is your antagonist really "evil"?

      My big bads haven't appeared yet and while some aren't really evil at all at least one (I haven't fully nailed down every single antagonist yet) is going to be unrepentantly so. 

    16. Re: How would you write madness?

      Incoherent, The writing should make sense, but also not make sense. Inconsistent, specifically, I would think. Like the writing follows clear trains of thought, but the train keeps jumping tracks.

    17. Re: LIGHT Theme or DARK Theme?

      Dark Mode. It's easier on the eyes, and scientifically proven at that (there is an exception for people who have slight deformations in the lenses of their eye that actually makes light mode easier on (...)

    18. Re: Personal writing ticks.

      "I mean" - my characters say that a lot, or other verbal ticks that people have in real life but that you shouldn't really use when writing dialogue. Anytime I see that in my writing, I go clean it up, (...)

    19. Re: Personal writing ticks.

      Describing sight and looks and etc is awfully difficult for me too. It's such a vital part of character action! Why can't it be easier? Lol. One thing I find helps me is to try and visualize a paragraph (...)

    20. Re: That feeling when you find another story that's basically the same as yours...

      I honestly would avoid reading it, for the fear that reading it would affect my own story too much. For example, if there were some aspects that felt too similar, I might end up steering my own story away (...)