New Genesis [LitRPG, Isekai, Progression]

New Genesis [LitRPG, Isekai, Progression]
72 pages

"New Genesis" follows Dian Webb, a spirited and rebellious common soldier who refuses to conform to authority. When an otherworldly anomaly releases demons upon his city, Dian slays one of them, absorbing its soul and surviving its corruption before losing consciousness.

Upon awakening, Dian discovers he's trapped in a new realm where the absorbed demon's soul has transformed into a game-like system. With demons infesting this hostile land, Dian realizes he must embrace their strengths and harness his own abilities to return home. His perilous journey requires honing his skills, unlocking the system's potential, and manipulating demons, whether they be witches or god-like entities.

Schedule releases : Two chapters per day for now

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The subtle World of Terraria

The subtle World of Terraria
783 pages

Evan Langford wakes up in the game world of Terraria, bewildered and desperate for answers. He quickly realizes that something isn't right. With skills, stats, and a thriving community, this is not the Terraria he knows. Is this all a dream, or is he genuinely trapped in a world he doesn't understand with dangers around every corner?

Or better yet, Is he truly in the world of Terraria?

This story follows the adventures of Evan and his shenanigans. It's a comedic tale with mysteries lurking around every corner for the reader to uncover. There's chaos and action, but nothing happens without reason. The story is inspired by the amazing game called Terraria, which is the reason for the fanfiction tag. However, even if you're not familiar with Terraria, you can still enjoy this original story, as it takes inspiration from the game with an original story and an original cast of characters rather than be a complete fan-fiction.

1) Cover art was made by a friend of mine for this story and I have his permission to use it. Thank you again, @centryNEL
2) I wrote this story a long time ago when I was still an aspiring writer but it was terrible so I'm re-writing it.

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MiĀµ: The Tale of Two Worlds.

Miµ: The Tale of Two Worlds.
78 pages

Euphoria is a world once blessed with an overabundance of all sorts of resources; allowing humanity to advance rapidly. All sorts of technology developed in but a few short decades, reaching from the simplest cars to interplanetary travel in but half a century.

However, mankind did as they always do; and the almost endless resources could not remain such forever. Development screeched to a halt and the decline of what was once made but could not be maintained followed soon after. What little remained, was highly contested.

Riots, revolutions, famine.
War was only prevented by everyone valuing what little they had too much to spend it trying to get that of the others, but all knew that someone would start it eventually. With what little they had left, they tried everything. And, for all but the last attempt, they failed spectacularly.

The last one went worse. Instead of near-endless resources to replace what was consumed, they created monsters. The Omega. Named after having once been the last hope - and having become the last insurmountable hurdle that could never be overcome.

The last dregs of mankind were slowly consumed by what they had created, and the world, as it was known, ended.

Maximus was a man that, decades later, lived in what little remained.
A broken man, he vowed to return Euphoria to its namesake While struggling to achieve anything, he found something ground-breaking.
Something no man could ever dream to find.
He found a way to travel between worlds.


1) I'm not a professional writer, I'm just writing as a hobby with English as my second language. So please ease in on the reviews but state the facts so I know what to improve on.
2) Thank you @centryNEL for the beautiful work on the Cover art again. Love ya!
3) Editing work being done by @Photemy. Love you too!
4) Updates on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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