1. Re: Adventure Fantasy Review Swap

      I'll do the review swap with you. Also doing the writathon but started late. Only two chapters for now but will be updating frequently to catch up. Feel free to wait for more if you need. Hey Casey, (...)

    2. Re: Adventure Fantasy Review Swap

      I'd be interested in a review swap! We have 6 chapters, about 8k words posted so far. Lemme know :) I'm not at all familiar with the Loot canon. Assuming that doesn't matter for understanding (...)

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      I'm game! Here is a sample Miguela paused, regarding herself in the reflection of the polished double doors of the headmaster's office. She adjusted a wayward tuft of hair then smoothed wrinkles (...)

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      Thanks!  The ~500 words I'm posting is near the beginning but around Chapter 6. Most of the chapters are short so it won't take long to get to Chapter 6 at all once you start reading the actual (...)

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      Putting a block of text in spoilers is easy. Just type YOUR TEXT HERE (only with no spaces - I added the spaces so as to not make my post have a spoiler). Feel free to make your review whenever you feel (...)

    6. Re: Hints for keeping track of characters and created stuff.

      For each of my major characters, I make a quick portrait in artbreeder to have a handy visual reference for what the character looks like. If I need to change features on a finer level, I use an image (...)

    7. Re: I'll review anybody's story based off the first 10 chapters

      If you're down for reviewing a non-LitRPG fantasy, I'd love to have more reviews and feedback on my story. It's currently at Chapter 15, but the first 10 should give you a pretty good idea of the tone (...)

    8. Adventure Fantasy Review Swap

      Hi, everyone! For Writathon, I'm writing The Shadows Become Her, an adventure fantasy novel that takes place in an era of Renaissance and swashbuckling pirates. My style is fairly literary (that is, a (...)

    9. Re: How much violence in a story is "too much" in your opinion?

      Personally, I'm pretty much immune to violence but can't stand gore without purpose. A lot of amateur writers use excessively detailed gore as a crude means to manipulate the reader's mindset or illustrate (...)

    10. Re: Writing in first person

      I think the key to writing a good first-person story is to have a narrator who's captivating to read. That is to say that, whether or not we like them, the narrator has to make us care about the story. (...)

    11. Re: How long should a good chapter be?

      For my chapters, I aim for 1500 - 3000 words, but there's really no hard upper or lower limit. The problem with short chapters is that they often leave readers unsatisfied (who wants to read only 500 words (...)

    12. Re: What makes a good introduction?

      When I first start a story, I generally go by what I call the 1, 1, 1 rule: 1 paragraph - if the first paragraph (or ~200 words) of the story can't draw me in, I usually won't bother. 1 chapter - if (...)

    13. Re: How to add jokes in a non-comedic story without trashing the work?

      I think humor is one of the harder things for a writer to pull off because, unless you're going for an outright farce, humor cannot be forced. Depending on the structure of your story, humor can work out (...)

    14. Re: Word for Language You Don't Understand

      I don't think there's a single word or commonly-used compound word for the concept, though there probably should be. No time like the present to coin a neologism! If I had to coin a word, I'd use cryptolingual/cryptolog/cryptophone. (...)

    15. Re: Hi! New writer CLRobison

      Damn, your story sounds good!! You've just gained a new reader! Glad to hear it! I've been reading Thick as Thieves for a while now, and I love your story! It actually has a similar 'street kids turned (...)

    16. Re: Hi! New writer CLRobison

      Welcome. You've certainly set up your premise well. My RR tips & tricks are in the beginner's guide (link in sig), for fiction/writing specific stuff I'd say nosey about the forums or ask any questions. (...)

    17. Hi! New writer CLRobison

      Hi, everyone! I've written previously under another name, but recently decided to take a stab at a fantasy series that's been kicking around in the back of my mind for a while now. A while back, (...)

    18. Re: hello, привет, and こんにちは!

      From the blurb, your story sounds really interesting. I'm more of a fantasy writer, but I love science fiction, too. I'll check this out when I get a chance!