Lord Joyde

Lord Joyde

    1. Re: I Require an Artist!

      Contact email: [email protected] My stories are in need of some actual character artworks. That means Euphoria and Destiny: Infernal, not the book of lemons. Prices to be negotiated. Will (...)

    2. Re: Destiny: Infernal (is in dire need of a review)

      Story in question - https://royalroadl.com/fiction/11257/destiny-infernal Okay so I'll be honest here and say outright how the stories I write are not exactly... normal, I guess you could say. But (...)

    3. RE: Give Me The Most OP MCs You Can Find

      Like the title said, I want to read stories with the most ridiculously OP MCs for research purposes. Ideally, I can find one of various kind of MCs, from transported abandoned hero MC, dungeon builder (...)

    4. RE: Duel like a penguin!

      @Lord Joyde  No, it is not allowed, thanks for reminding me though, updated the rules.  @Waffie Are you trying to make regret this system all together? ./downcast eyes Awww, cmon. That's so (...)

    5. RE: Duel like a penguin!

      Are lemon duels allowed? (As in who will write the better pornography/smut) If so, then my challenge is issued forth to anyone who dares challenge me!