1. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      It would be very kind of you could give Dearly Departing a bit of a read :] been thinking of changing first chapter for a while but definitely need some feedback

    2. Re: Promote your story with one word

      Both stories: Freedom

    3. Promote your fiction by explaining the main/other character(s) goals

      What drives a story is what drives your character. If they do not have a goal that relates to them, even if it isn’t written and just shown, they have no drive to continue their adventure or job or whatever (...)

    4. Re: ☀️Sunday Snippet 12/06 | WEEK 46☀️

      Eh.. I have soup? Live laugh Icro

    5. Re: Promote your Story by telling the original Idea/thought

      It was more of a spontaneous occurrence around three quarters through the book I was writing originally. I was getting a lot of writers block at the time and I just needed something new to refresh myself. (...)

    6. Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      I’ve read through these forums for a while now, and a common trend I see is that people often give their story content in great detail. Whilst this does give readers a really good definition of what your (...)

    7. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      Dearly departing - Child with dead mother decides running away with a creepy old guy and then falling hopelessly in love with the first girl she sees is a good way to cope with her collecting trauma. (...)

    8. Re: Promote Your Story via Reverse Psychology

      random girl with a dead mum decides that running away with an old creepy man is the best option out of her situation. Then almost dies several times over

    9. Re: Promote your story with a buried snippet of World-building.

      When a villager akin to religion dies, they are quite literally thrown off a cliff and into the water as the sun sets, where they will be decomposed and added to the life in the water.  In places away (...)

    10. Re: Promote your story with a gorilla fight

      Brooke would blindly clone herself until she had enough of herself to sacrifice to the gorilla, generally trying to just smother the gorilla. She would succeed in the end  :DrakanThinking:

    11. Re: Promote Your Story With a Wine and Dine

      “Eh- hehe- uh- I’ve never dated before. I mean I’ve dated but but never like this. Y’know, this reminds me of how my mother-“ begins ramble about her life with mother, progressively getting more tipsy (...)

    12. Re: Promote Your Story - First Sentences

      Mine is from a letter from a departed mother. Dearly beloved, I write to you after I have already left. Dearly Departing 

    13. Re: Promote your story with the very first sentence the reader sees

      Dearly beloved, I write to you after I have already left. This is from Dearly Departing :]

    14. Re: Promote your story with the first three paragraphs the reader sees

      Dearly beloved, I write to you after I have already left. I don’t want to have to see your tender face, your loving voice, your gentle eyes tearing up as I have to let you go. I wish to leave you in (...)

    15. Re: 💻🖥Sunday Snippet 05/06 | WEEK 45🖥💻

      Ursa Major, “the great bear”. Ursa Minor, “the smaller bear”. One was one of the three largest constellations in the sky. One was just next to it. Nothing more than a miniature copy, living in a shadow (...)

    16. Re: Favourite part about writing a book?

      I personally really enjoy getting that sudden motivation to write. After being blocked for so long, it feels so good to know exactly what will come next. And you’re so in the moment that you don’t care (...)

    17. Looking for a review for opening chapter.

      Hello! I am looking for any sort of criticism on my new story, please keep in mind that this is only the first chapter though. If able, I would also like to hear your opinions on what sort of impressions (...)