1. Re: Is good English necessary for writing a good web-serial?

      It depends on what you mean by 'necessary'. So long as your writing is, as stated in the knowledge base, not derogatory English, Royalroad will accept it and you are free to upload chapters to your heart's (...)

    2. Is good English necessary for writing a good web-serial?

      I am a non-native english speaker. And as a non-native english speaker, i am facing a lot of problems in English. Most of RR readers are native english speakers or like to read polish english. That is (...)

    3. Re: Is polished english essential in web serial?

      You absolutely don't need to have polished english in order to write anything!   It's totally alright to make errors- I'm a native speaker and I make mistakes all the time. If someone points out a mistake (...)

    4. Is polished english essential in web serial?

      As a newbie author, i am always open to criticism. When i started writing my new book, i showed it couple of friends. I told all of them that they need to be brutally honest with me about my book... Everyone (...)

    5. Re: Does small Typos can flop an great idea?

      If it's a few minor typos, sure, it's alright. That's provided you're writing perfectly otherwise. However, if you're consistently writing how you wrote the title of the thread, then yes, it will (...)

    6. Does small Typos can flop an great idea?

      I am a non-native English speaker. My English though is not perfect, it is not bad either. Since I started writing, I have faced problems with editing the chapters. I use Grammarly and because of that (...)

    7. Re: Anyone up for swapping some reviews?

      I want to do a review swap!!

    8. Re: 100k Word Count

      Congratulation dude... 

    9. Re: Level progression, Systems, litrpg

      I don't know whether I am good or not, but you can check out my book. It is a Litrpg with some mythological elements...

    10. Re: My first 0.5 star rating!

      Don't feel sad because of one bad rating... One must always look on the bright side. You may have one bad rating, but the amount of the good ratings that you have far exceed in number than your bad ratings... (...)

    11. Re: 50 followers

      Congratulations dude!

    12. Completed 1st milestone of Writathon in a week!!!

      Yes, it is true. I have successfully uploaded more the 25k words in a week. Now my target is to complete the milestone of 55k by the end of next week.  Is there anyone else that had completed their 1st (...)

    13. Re: Drop your story here and I will leave a quick review

      Try this one out... It is a Mythological Litrpg 

    14. What are the stats of an ideal book?

      Hello everyone my name is Indian_Sage and I am new to RR. I have been writing for the past 1 week. And I don't know whether my book is doing great or not... I have around 600 views with 9 followers and (...)

    15. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      You can check out my book from my signature... The novel is about a game that Gods play from time to time. Gods would kidnap people from earth and send them to Yggdrasil to compete against each other... (...)

    16. Gods using humans for entertainment...

      Hey guys, My name is Indian_Sage. I am new to the RR community. I have recently started to write a LITRPG novel. The synopsis as well as the link to the novel is down below. Give my novel a try if you (...)