1. Re: Question about chapter length

      All the popular ones do 2.5k words besides paranoid mage, which is 5k words but releases once a week, not five times a week like the 2.5k word ones.

    2. Re: What to do when Review Swappers don't reciprocate?

      Thanks for the advice, folks. I'll give it a bit longer as two of them have left their reviews since this thread. Maybe they are on holiday and haven't seen my PM etc. I asked TFD for a review swap, (...)

    3. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -36 :DrakanThinking:

    4. Re: What to do when Review Swappers don't reciprocate?

      PM them, and if they don’t respond, open a support ticket.

    5. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Probably that thing my parents once made which tasted like avocado mixed with carpet put inside a piece of bread with no yeast (bread with no yeast tastes good when its made right, but not when you put (...)

    6. Re: Cover picture of your Novel

      I create mine with photomanipulation of public domain images (pexels is my go-to source currently) plus artbreeder or other AI assets. I also offer some premades free to anyone who needs them, so if you're (...)

    7. Re: What do the levels mean?

      There's a section in the FAQ about it:https://www.royalroad.com/support/knowledgebase/91

    8. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Just click my signature. I hope I don’t get a bad review from this.


      I don’t think many characters are bad, just look at some of the popular big books. As for lore, I plan to dedicate a whole book to world building.

    10. Re: Review upvotes and downvotes - peculiar observation

      This system is skewered. I got all my good reviews removed because one person thought they were all from alts. Yes, I only have bad reviews because of that system. My most upvoted review is a 1.5 star (...)

    11. Re: Happy Duck Thursday

      And now a message from our benevolent Duck overlords..... No. I refuse to be ruled by bird-brained birds.

    12. Re: My fiction was approved, now what MUST I do?

      Publish 10 right away. I didn't and mine hasn't hit rising stars. Then, publish 5-7 a week.

    13. Re: Bringing a seven course meal as your school lunch

      I spent about an hour creating a 2-and-a-half-page stat sheet for my MC. I would like a seven-course-meal for my school lunch, though-the lunches are way too small, like 1 slice of pizza.