1. Re: I am the man of 10,000 views.

      Well done mate, glad you're enjoying it. Here's to many more!

    2. Re: What is your favourite tea?

      It needs to be Yorkshire tea with one sugar and a touch of milk. Ooft. Now that's a good cuppa. Lyon's almost there too... almost. Yorkshire tea is good. I have to go for home turf Scottish blend but (...)

    3. Re: What is your favourite tea?

      It needs to be Yorkshire tea with one sugar and a touch of milk. Ooft. Now that's a good cuppa. Lyon's almost there too... almost.

    4. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      There. No more backlog. The world is at peace.  Thank you for the review. You're like a well-oiled machine. Good work!

    5. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      Silence the Hunger. About a young man with a messed up past, he gets sent up into a gigantic space-ship by a system and forced to fight in the Great Migrators military for their own benefit. Story all (...)

    6. Re: \•_•/

      Why would you eat pineapple pizza?

    7. Re: Cover art rules

      Yeah, I guess I'm just wondering what the limit is that I can get away with. 

    8. Cover art rules

      Hey everyone, so I have a question regarding cover art. I have commisioned a piece but I'm worried the gore on it might be against the rules. For example, a demon eating a goblin leg. Or intestines. Couldn't (...)

    9. Re: The current RR meta.

      Y'all are forgetting one genre that (imo) is actually the most popular genre on the site: Animal or Monster Protagonists in Silly Comedies or otherwise Doing Human Things Oh yeah, that's a big one for (...)

    10. Re: I'll do a detailed drawing of your character for free! (3 more slots)

      Also messaged, if there's still a free spot available that is :P

    11. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story

      Survive, devour, evolve.

    12. The current RR meta.

      So the current meta right now is reincarnation - post-acocalyptic - litRPG. Why do you think these complement each other so well and what makes them so popular? Just curious about what everyone thinks! (...)

    13. Re: Goals

      Finish my new project called The Battle Seamstress. Love writing it so far. Going to finish the entire book first before uploading to RR so I have a good while to go. Should be done before summer ends? (...)

    14. Re: What ways do authors have to combat false reviews?

      Unfortunately it happens all the time. The worst reviews get upvoted to oblivion whereas your good reviews, no one touches them. I'm also in the same situation as you, hit rising stars, then immediately (...)

    15. Re: How many chapters?

      My advice is create a backlog of around 40-50 chapters at around 1500-2000 words each.  Upload the first 3 chapters so readers get into the hook of the story quicker than just 1 chapter at a time. (...)

    16. Looking for litRPG beta readers.

      Hi everyone, I'm looking for anyone that has a bit of spare time to give my new story a read over. I'm looking for any inconsistencies and advice to improve; Characters, dialogue, plot, setting, pace, (...)

    17. Re: Free Reviews!

      Count me in! Thank you so much :)

    18. Re: Just broke past the 10K barrier!

      Congratulations! It's an awesome feeling when the stats keep going up :D

    19. Re: Heavy Weapons - Beautiful alien artwork i've commissioned (Controller edition)

      I love all of those pictures! Although the last one , Leech looks the coolest to me. I love my dark themes!