Pokémon: A Sense of Illusion

Pokemon isn't really my cup of tea (I'm more of a Digimon guy), but it would be hard to say this isn't a swell fanfic.

Style: EducatedFool has a very fun to read style, with interesting formating and word choice. I like how the P.O.V. switch to Trix was reflected in her thought process for example. A strong point to be sure.

Story: I like more serious takes on Pokemon stories, and this is no exception. The prologue does a good job at putting the pieces down for the rest of the story to follow. I could guess what might have happened from the synopsis, but I genuinely wasn't expecting how she "falls into the hands of the rebellious forces." A welcome surprise.

Grammar: There are periods where there should be commas, commas where there should be periods, and small things like that. The biggest issues arise in character dialogue and can sound very weird, or even just wrong. It's the worst part of the story right now, and has been rated so, but will not be affecting the overall score as much. The reason for that is because the author is both not a native speaker/writer, and because he is aware of the problems and working to fix them. I will come back to this review some time in the future, and will adjust accordingly if these problems are fixed. For now though, Grammar will sit at 3 1/2.

Character: Well done thus far, though the dialogue is iffy as seen above. My favorite thus far is Raymond, simply because I like grizzled old guys. I'd have to read more to see if they maintain the same level of quality, but it seems pretty good to me from what I have read.

Definetly check this out if you have an interest in pokemon, you might just love it! Not sure where to put this, but I also appreciate how the author links images to every Pokemon that made an appearence. I love the extra effort.

Ceres Chaos [Exosuit Progression] (300k Words)

Let me just say that I don't really go out of my way to find Sci-Fi stories like this one. With that in mind, I'd say that this story is well worth your time. 

Style: M.G does a fantastic job at setting the scene and makes it easy to imagine yourself being there alongside everything. The descriptions are rich and vivid, helping to keep you immersed.

Story: From the word of god, this is a slow burn novel. I'll admit that I haven't read much of it yet, but it's easy to tell that the story being told will be a captivating one. There are interesting plot points raised early on that beg you continue on to see what comes of them. The worldbuilding is one of the best parts of this story, and will likely be what ropes you in to start.

Grammar: No large mistakes. There are some small things here and there, but nothing particularly egregious. The only thing I can remember is that there are a large amount of exclamation points in the chapters I have read, enough to look a bit odd. Other than that, it's clean.

Character: The most contentious part, at least to me. Dialogue can at times sound stilted and unnatural, as can the actions of the characters. It's hard to tell if this is just clunky, or if the characters make more sense later on. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and go with the latter here, but I can't deny that I had my brow raised more than once.

All in all, a work you will be able to see quality in, even if you aren't big on Sci-Fi. Give it a chance and see if it's for you!