1. Re: How to write inside jokes

      In my eyes, an inside joke is just using continuity for humor. Call backs to earlier scenes, reveals that make earlier scenes funny in retrospect, and so on.  Say for instance you have a character getting (...)

    2. Re: 🔥[CHALLENGE]🔥 Finish the Sentence in EXACTLY 20 Words! Unleash Your Creativity

      The mysterious stranger entered the room and searched for treasure. The door slammed shut, the ceiling began to drool. If only he had seen the teeth earlier.

    3. Re: Need recommendations for a resource on outlining/plotting

      The best resource you could get with outlining/plotting is writing it down. You could use pen + paper, a whiteboard, a google doc, lots of things really. If you have the beginning and end decided, put (...)

    4. Re: What if you met your MC in a dark alley?

      My story is a meta sort with one character 'writing' the story of the other, so it could get really weird. If the house sized dragon doesn't squish me to start, we will all likely be thrown into a never (...)

    5. Re: Memorable Characters

      There's tons of ways to make a character memorable. Appearance A very striking appearance can stick out to people. Jason Voorhees for example is often remembered as being tall, corpselike, and wearing (...)

    6. Re: ‘Imagination’ based magic casting is the worst.

      Much like other things in writing, the how and why is more important than the what. Magic, technology, leveling systems. They are interchangeable to an extent because they are all essentially dressing (...)

    7. Re: Does the author have an obligation to finish his story?

      I believe that people are entitled to stop doing things for any number reasons, from understandable to petty. Unless you are legally bound to do so, you can't be forced to do anything.  That doesn't (...)

    8. Re: First Chapter Challenge

      Ch 1: An Impossible Encounter I feel like I should spice up the chapter titles at some point, but they'll work for now.

    9. Re: How can I write better?

      If you are concerned about the quality of your work, I suggest getting a friend to help. They can beta read and help edit. A lot of problems can be resolved by having the perspective of a reader on your (...)

    10. Re: Is Royal Road Infected?

      Ḯ̶̻̦̰̍̀̍́͑ ̶͕̗̇́̆͛̚͘͘ẘ̴͉̍̉̑o̷̞̖̥̟̭̮̿̈͐̆͘u̴̫̬̇͒́l̸͉͙̣̫̰͇̙̈́d̸̥̩͆ņ̶̻̤̳̮̮͋̾̐͒͑̄͝'̵̟̟͎̺̥͓͋ṱ̸̛̜͇̾̾͌ͅ ̶̧̛̺̞̼̙͊̌͛̽̑͘ͅẁ̸̥̱̜̳o̵̥̰̔ͅr̴̭̥̺̈͐̓͗͌͊͠r̴͍̠͕͓̯̈̅̒̉͜͝ÿ̷͍͚̂̌̊̃͘ ̵̼̯̖̯̯̱͊́a̵͈̺̙̭̞̿̓̊̍b̷̗͇̯͉̦̕ơ̷͈̹̩̓̂̓̅̌͛u̶͛͝ͅt̴̰̱̫̟̩̹̂͗̏̆ͅ (...)

    11. Re: 10K Swaps

      I'm interested in an advanced review swap, too! Chapter 2: Attack on Camphrier Town is my 10k mark. Kind regards Gotcha, I'll read and review your story next. See you then. :DrakanWine:

    12. Re: 10K Swaps

      Hey there, I'm down to do an advanced review swap for 10k words. For me, 10k words is up to Chapter 4/5. Sounds good to me. I'll read up to there and have a review by Wednesday morning.

    13. 10K Swaps [Closed]

      Howdy all! My story recently broke the mark required to do swaps, so I figured I could do a couple. My story is in the signature, and is a fantasy adventure with a dragon protagonist and meta elements. (...)

    14. Re: How Does Your Creative Process Work?

      It goes like this. Where everything starts >>> Where everything ends Once I know those two things, I start adding things that bridge the gaps. "Character X needs to be more positive by the end, what (...)

    15. Re: when to stop writing a book.

      If you are just feeling a bit burnt out or you need some time off, just go on hiatus. If you are done writing full on, as in you just cannot do anything to continue the story for whatever reason, then (...)

    16. Re: Why does everything have to be a litRPG? (rant)

      Subvert tropes? I am REVELING in them. By the end of my 6 book series, I plan on hitting every single major litRPG trope at least once. I already have 'my harem powers me up', 'evil corporate overlords', (...)

    17. Re: When does blood and gore get too intense?

      Blood and gore is on a scale for me. It goes like this; Nothing -> Short and brushed past -> Given detail -> Really giving it detail -> Too much -> Comically edgy I think that each part of the scale has (...)

    18. Re: First few chapters review swaps

      Looking for a swap, with my story being the one in my signature. It has 7k words and 3 chapters, and is a fantasy adventure. Hit me up if interested. Edit: Nvm, just remembered the 10k word rule. Disregard. (...)

    19. Re: Suggestions for Magic Powers

      Lean into the archetype and think of what makes up such an identity. Monks are seen as spiritual warriors with impressive discipline and rare knowledge. Weapon masters can make anything and everything (...)