I Got All The Spells But My Magic Stat Is One So I Became A Stage Magician But Found Out The Doom Spell Doesn't Care.

This is a neat and fairly original take on a time honored concept and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. Basically the premise is a damage sponge mage who can defeat anyone given that he can distract them long enough. If that sounds interesting to you, then this will probably be right up your alley. 

The New World

Slow start but ultimately more satisfying than its predecesors

This is a good story. It was a bit of a slog at first when it was just the one guy fighting stuff. And the grimdark elements were whatever because at a certain point that kind of thing just feels like trolling from the author because it's all about things going from bad to worse and being super unforgiving.  But...when the story really got going, when there was more cast and they were more fleshed out this really became a highly engaging little marvel set in a thoroughly fascinating world.


Better yet unlike the work that inspired it, the author was able to raise the stakes without doing that annoying things where author's low key need their characters to play up the drama or add random penalties on the protagonist for successfully surviving the plot. What I mean to say is that the writing is satisfying without getting boring.


Nice a little too much fanservice but nice

This is a nice story. I was a little on the fence at first. The mc was kinda annoying initially and the world wasn't fleshed out enough, but then as the story carried on, things got better. Much better.


Now here I am on chapter 25 wondering when the next chapter comes out. All in all, the plot has been nice. Doing a good job of balancing slice of life elements and the more driven narrative. The characters are decent and feel distinct. I even find myself getting more interested in the world.

My Monster Adventurer's Guild

This was a very good story. I don't have anything else to say beyond that. So I'll just say it again. This was a very, very, good story. Yes it has certain content and one might argue that it's only there for shock value (I certainly did and butit almost made me drop the story) but the author did an okay job of handling it (at least for the most part...there were some points where Iended up just shaking or scratching my head) and giving those events narrative depth.  Plus, darn if I didn't love the characterization for the rest of the story. so yeah....if you're bored and looking for a story read this one.

The Simulacrum of Dread

The story is interesting. Very lovecraft which can be a good thing and bad thing. (I tended to like lovecraft's concepts more than I liked his actual writing style.)

There's lots of elements that make me intrigued and want to read for more.

However, the diction and word choice sometimes feel a bit dense and sometimes it feels like the author is a bit too roundabout in how they describe something. Enough so that sometimes I got lost.

All in all, the the first few chapters were pretty good. 

The Simulacrum

This was one of those stories I read and then immediately felt a big pot of dread in my stomach. The dread wasn't from the story being bad or something untoward happening in the plot...rather this was the kind of dread one feels when one is at a part and is having a good time and suddenly one remembers that eventually the party has to end.

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

It was great read...with lots of great characters and lots of laughs...I liked how over powered the MC and his friends were and loved pretty much everything else about the story as well...including how everything ran on this warped but still sort of logical fairytale sense where people do the things they do because they either feel they have the right,ability, or duty to do them. All in all a great read. 


All I can say is...thank you for the meal. The story never got too bogged down. The antagonist were all at least somewhat relatable even if the author had to take the piss out of them to do it. The protagonist was sort of like an evil doctor who. Zany and mean but in a fun way. A great experience and a great read.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

When I say dark I mean...super dark. This story is pretty much the perfect black comedy romp. One centered around one inhuman protagonist's villainous journey from being an ammoral moron who just wants to fill its belly to being an immoral mastermind who who wants to fill its belly and fill its coffers along the way. The story is fun and breezy, the jerkass main cast are all some levels of twisted. With the likability varying depending on their various kinks. Honestly some times it was almost a refreshing surprise to run into normal people in this story, it'd be like "oh, that's right, empathy is a thing.." but still I've yet to fully hate anyone at least, not for long anyway.  The pacing of the story and the plot move just fast enough to keep you from thinking to hard about how f-ed the people you spend most of your time with, are. And the author does a good job in making you root for these awful people at least eighty percent of the time. Even if you spend half that time hoping that they'll change their mind about a few of the awful, awful things there're planning on doing.

How to Survive a Summoning 101

A good read. I liked the nuaunced characters. I liked the nuanced world. I liked the engaging slightly painful feel of the plot. As well the gritty decidely crapsack world. It reminded me of the mistworld series, or the demon's cycle series, or even the emperor of thorn series all great books by my reckoning. In any case, I was almost disappointed when I found that I had already read through all the available chapters.