The Way Ahead

interesting concept, unacceptable protagonist

This was read up to chapter 24 until it become too much to read.

For a setting with such high potential, it is incredibly disappointing how stupidly naive and trusting the MC is when dealing with people. While his first interaction can be excused as a lack of knowledge, the fact that he does it again with the second group of people he meets marks him as irredeemable and utterly lacking as a main character and person in general in comparison to how this story could have gone. 

Basically, it is a case of a typical all INT and no WIS build, as in all knowledge and no common sense. Sadly, I do not think it is something could be remedied given the character and motivation of the Main Character, who seems want further interaction with the people and society of this world, vs experimenting in secret and alone to understand the physical and magical rules of this world in uninterrupted peace and quiet. 

Even the plan of choice to escape was disappointing since he used alchemical means to get out physically when he has the Realm Traveler path instead to fill out and potentially gain a teleportation skill, which could’ve been a way to even return to earth.