A New Eden [Sci-fi, AI, Aliens, Space, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure]

A New Eden [Sci-fi, AI, Aliens, Space, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure]
44 pages

A sci-fi thriller space adventure involving AI, aliens, mysteries, mega-projects, and explorers terraforming planets - join me as I release chapters every Saturday. 

Synopsis: Trillion wasn’t expecting to have her mind uploaded into a spaceship today. But it happened and now there’s no turning back for her and three others.

The four of them now travel through space, looking for new worlds to terraform - looking to build A New Eden.

Their hasty departure meant they weren’t prepared for what they encountered out in space. They discovered mysteries they needed to solve. They entered battles they didn’t have a hope of winning. And, they needed to find creative solutions to problems they didn’t know were possible. 

A New Eden is fully written. It's currently with the editor for final touches. I'll release new chapters (at a minimum) every Saturday NZ time. 

What to expect:

- Expect a fast start, a mystery filled middle, and a meaningful end  

- Expect to meet Aliens that are truly alien 

- Expect to explore creative strategies for terraforming planets

- Expect a lot of mystery and unexpected discoveries out in space

- Expect enough science to make the world feel real

- Expect enough Clarke tech to make the world feel magical

- Expect characters to have strong and different POVs 

- Expect to watch characters deal with situations they never thought were possible

- Expect characters to make mistakes

If you like these books, you should love A New Eden. 

- Children of Time by Adrien Tchaikovsky

- We are Legion (Bobiverse) by Dennis E. Taylor

Is the book finished? 

Book 1 is fully written, so I’m dripping it out on Royal Road. I’m currently working on Book 2.

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