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JL Vincent

    1. Re: Thoughts about chapters of nothing but skill progression

      i absolutely think it's perfect for a binge reader though it might feel dragged out to a weekly follower That's interesting. I've always been a binge reader, so I often don't think from a followers (...)

    2. Re: Thoughts about chapters of nothing but skill progression

      Thanks for the advice, both of you. I may have failed to explain properly what was occurring in the scene. In additionally the the progression, it also heavily explained certain aspects of "the system" (...)

    3. Thoughts about chapters of nothing but skill progression

      Hello all, I write "Overleveled: Arrival in a New World." Its a semi-parody isekai litrpg that lovingly plays with tropes. I wanted your thoughts on chapters dedicated entirely to training and skill (...)

    4. Re: All my chapters are now pre-scheduled

      Congratulations and try to avoid truck-kun

    5. Top 3000, 81 followers, 4.5 rating

      I'm just really happy with the reception I have gotten so far. It's the first fiction I've ever written, so getting this much attention (I know it actually modest, lol) has exceeded my expectations. (...)

    6. Re: 666 followers on Stonesong!

      Great work! Let the evil flow through you.

    7. Re: It’s magical

      Great work!

    8. Re: Growth after a few weeks

      That great! Sweet Sweet Dopamine.

    9. Re: Free basic reviews

      Thanks for the review!

    10. Re: Top 10 On Rising Stars


    11. Re: Free basic reviews

      If you're still willing, I'd love a review. Minus the cover, that is still a work in progress :-p

    12. Re: My followers doubled!

      Woo! Step by step.

    13. Re: Making progress!

      Congrats! Let the dopamine flow. 

    14. Re: My First Harsh Review

      I have no idea how to respond to that. Lol, I feel like that should mean its a hidden treasure?

    15. Re: I'm an ex-game developer, now writing GameLit. Nice to meet ya'll!

      Welcome! Love the cover art. Where did you get it?

    16. Re: Promote your Story by telling the original Idea/thought

      Having power doesn't give your life meaning, but you will probably have a lot of fun while you find your true calling. 

    17. Re: Progression Fantasy Review Swaps!

      I'd love to do a review swap with you.