Battlefield Restart (Original/Unedited)

I'd like to start with stating that I like to stay objective in most reviews.

However, I despise almost all of your characters. Not in the "Oh he's a terrible person" way, but the "I would enjoy being able to torture that character to death" way. Not entirely sure why, but I fail to find anything I like about the characters. 

Not really anything wrong with the story or style, not bad, not innovative, but my hatred for the characters(Although very likely irrational) just makes me view the story as worse than it likely is.


Added the following 4/17 

First off, why does the MC want to be a butler in the first place? Why does everyone else assume that he wants to be a butler? Why are all the nobles arrogant pricks? Does the main character just go along with the last thing that someone said to him? Does he even plan for the future besides the vague "Imma be strong"? One would think that after an entire life, he would find value in planning, or at least have a spine and say no to people, or at least plot something to get his way.

RESPAWNED: New Game Plus

Overall - A great read with hilarious references and situations, extremely enjoyable.


Style - After a certain point, the author includes alternate timelines. While interesting, I personally dislike it. Still a great idea, and likely many others will like it, just not for me.


Story -THIS IS NOT SOMEONE REINCARNATED INTO A GAME. Holy crap, it's like some people don't read either the synopsis or the story. 

Now that the rant's over, it's a rather humorous story  that follows an npc that remembers his life, with plots and scheming going on both in the game and in real life. hehehe, the worst escort quest in history was escorting a tribe out of Egypt..... hehehehe. Also has it's serious moments though.


Grammar: Some problems here and there, but in my opinion easily understandable.


Character: The MC isn't good or evil..... he just is. For example, for most people, they can't be characterized as a hero or villain.This guy is representative of that. (Anti-hero doesn't mean villain, it meant not a hero) Other than that, each character seems rather well flushed out, and I find myself enjoying all of them (except for Goblin A, I hate that guy)

How To Tame Your Princess

Ok..... So I Think That What I Read Was Good?

This story..... I like it? There were no grammar/spelling errors that I saw. 

The characters are good? I think?

Might be losing my sanity by reading this book.

Great review, brain.


World Keeper

Looks like another great one

Not too much written, only 3 chapters so far, but I like the premise and see this being as great as World Seed.


*throws sharp object at Author* YOU DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO

In Another World With My House

So far, interesting story, good idea. However, when I see the new characters being introduced my butt starts clenching in fear of a story that turns from great concept into harem jigglefest 2016. So far so good, just please keep some plot. So far so good though and this review was not meant to be negative, merely cautionary. Will Hopefully delete everything about the review besides the stars and rewrite it after the plot progresses.

Evolution of a Ball of Light

Well, as for the people whining about the story being slow, it's really not. In an evolution story, the plot shouldn't solely be evolving, but have some other things going on. Also, some good concepts that are new. It's a fun read.

Tales of the Void Traveler (A Frozen Soul story) (Completed)

If it's as good as frozen soul, then we're going to have something fun to read alongside rules-free.  I'm ready for some species/organization to truly mess up and for some more supernovas to happen. 

Tidal Lock

I'm sorry, but are you sure this is allowed?

 This is an amazing VR novel that doesn't have any stats.....  I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. 


Seriously though, well-written and easy to follow space combat without having large-scale infodumps.  I must say, extremely impressive.

Ganda’lfr – The Left Hand of God

Overall good premise and story, although there hasn't been too much written yet. One recommendation though, the story feels a bit rushed without much in the way of character building or background. Otherwise rather interesting.