1. Re: Gender Benders. What about them?

      Lots of ambivalence in this thread, which is honestly surprising to me. In my experience, gender bender tends to be pretty polarizing. That being said, a good genderswap is easily one of my favorite tropes (...)

    2. Re: What's your opinion on unique levels?

      I've actually been thinking along very similar lines for a potential story. In general, I find the idea of XP and levels being asymmetric to be fascinating. People in real life have different interests (...)

    3. What do you look for in a System?

      So, my joining RR last month was also my first exposure to the wonderful world of LitRPG. I've found the genre as a whole pretty fascinating, but easily the most interesting part to me is the idea of the (...)

    4. Small goofs

      Today I realized I uploaded my new chapter a day late, because apparently counting to four is too difficult for me. :peodead:  I've already got a new alert system in place so it won't happen again (hopefully), (...)

    5. Re: Do you concentrate better while listening to music?

      I listen to music while working, but it's not usually about focus for me. At least, not in the "helps me sit down and write" sense. Instead, I use it to get myself into the proper mindset for whichever (...)

    6. Re: Contractions in prose... the omniscient speaks in vernacular?

      You know, I'd never really thought about it that hard. Just one of those things that I never even thought to analyze. Looking back at my writing, it seems like I use contractions pretty freely, but (...)

    7. Re: Any Other Authors Who Have Lost Their Love of Reading While Writing?

      I've actually been feeling somewhat of the opposite effect these days. The desire to and act of writing have put me very much in a mindset where I want to do "market research", so to speak. Looking (...)

    8. Re: How Many WIPs?

      There are two that I am actively working on. One is Accursed, a more introspective slow work which I've been publishing; the other is a more lighthearted Isekai-type situation that I'd like to get a proper (...)

    9. Re: Do you listen to music while writing?

      I was just considering posting this myself, haha. Great minds think alike! I have a full playlist of "mood tunes" for my worlds, usually alternating between themes for the world and themes for specific (...)

    10. Re: What story brought you to Royalroad?

      I was brought here because my dad accosted me one day with a "you know, I've been following some stories on this site for a while, it seems like a good place for people to post their more action-y fiction!" (...)

    11. Re: Health

      I've been experiencing the sensation of "oh I'm an adult proper now, time to experience my first permanent debuff" with recurring upper body muscle aches lol Been working on that, and also trying to (...)

    12. Prologue is nearly done!

      I've just finished penning the last of what I'd call my "setup" chapters, where I establish most of the main characters and set the groundwork for all the future fun plot stuff. Scheduled it for Thursday (...)

    13. Re: Assistance of the Gods

      I would like the ability to just sit down and go into "writing mode" and just be able to stay in the flow of things as long as I need. Very tired of the good old ADHD taking the reins while I'm trying (...)

    14. How much writing do you do in the background?

      I've seen a few threads since I've joined about writing outlines for keeping track of plot, but to me, that's only ever been part of the writing I do in the background. I was wondering if anybody else (...)

    15. Re: When Imagine a Scene, Is the Imagery flashing through your minds eye....

      Definitely animation. Not only because I'm a giant weeb, but also because I love more stylized worlds and designs that wouldn't work as well in live-action.

    16. Re: 28124 days and 6 hours

      This is one of those declarations that splits my brain straight down the middle of: >Oh, that's a lot of days, I shouldn't feel bad about one or two off days >TIME IS LIMITED SLAM ALL YOUR IDEAS (...)

    17. Re: Do you guys have any other methods for tracking your writing progress other than word count? 🤔

      I started thinking of my writing in terms of scenes recently, and I feel like it's helped me pace myself much better. Pacing interaction by interaction and event by event feels a whole lot more organic (...)

    18. Re: Lava is soup

      I would disagree, on the grounds that any chunks of meat/veggie/herb are quickly disintegrated if they actually make it into the lava. Thus, no longer chunks The definition of soup on Merriam-Webster (...)

    19. Re: Where do you write?

      In the old pre-COVID days when I was still a student, I went to a local coffee shop every Saturday, sat myself down with my laptop, and cranked out writing the whole afternoon. I always enjoy the white (...)

    20. Re: What word do you just seem to spell wrong no matter how many times you write it?

      Unsure if this counts, but I can never remember when to use "it's" vs "its". I've started just always throwing the apostrophe in and letting spellcheck kick me if it's wrong :DrakanSigh:  For more traditional (...)