Elijah Menchaca

Elijah Menchaca

    1. Re: To gore or not to gore

      If you would see it in a PG-13 movie, you’re fine. If the movie would be rated R, slap on the tag. For Outsiders, I didn’t add the tag until I had a fight where a character tore out a troll’s intestines (...)

    2. Re: Questions i have for you fellow writers:

      1. Pacing is something that comes down to taste, style, and intent. The “right” pacing changes from writer to writer, and story to story. I keep a pace of “Did this scene have any dramatic tension? (...)

    3. Re: How To Go About Setting Up a Political Intrigue?

      Everything I know about politics in stories, I learned from watching Matt Colville videos.

    4. ONLY YOU can resolve the sibling rivalry in this TTRPG-esque fantasy adventure!

      Outsiders of Xykesh is my fantasy adventure serial, following five accidental-immigrants to the tyrant-ruled, monster-infested land of Xykesh and their wandering path to change it forever. It's loosely (...)

    5. Re: Help me name my fiction

      Agreed with the others here who've pointed out that the homunculus sticks out as the big "thing" of the story from the synopsis. If that's the central concept you're playing with—where they come from, (...)

    6. Re: Promote your story with your MC's weapon of choice

      In order of appearance:  Valerie's trained with several weapons, but prefers to use her custom wristbow for its flexibility, her familiarity with it, and the fact that it keeps the dangerous things (...)

    7. Re: Pirate sites

      Fascinating. Novel35 appears to have pirated the Scribble Hub version of the story, not the Royal Road version, since it only goes up to Episode 6, includes the Digax prologue, and calls me PhoenixAgent003 (...)

    8. Re: Review Swaps! As many as possible!

      Just peaked at the page and the first chapter—I would love to swap! If you could take a look at Outsiders of Xykesh, I’d be happy to go through Sires. You write really well!

    9. Follow Outsiders of Xykesh (A TTRPG-esque Fantasy Adventure) to help get the cast into SEXY HALLOWEEN COSTUME (...)

      Exactly what it says in the title. If my story, Outsiders of Xykesh, gets to 100 followers here on Royal Road by September 1st, 2022, I will commission fanart of the main cast wearing sexy Halloween costumes. (...)

    10. Re: Promote your story with your MCs as Tabletop RPG characters

      Fun fact that anyone who's read Outsiders can probably tell, but the cast actually did start out as 5th Edition D&D characters. They've undergone major adjustments in the adaptation process, but in the (...)

    11. Re: Promote Your Story by Turning Your Protagonist into a Weapon

      Normally when I do any of these things that refer to "your protagonist" I try to fit in all of the main five in some way, since Outsiders really is an ensemble piece. But I kind of went overboard and quite (...)

    12. Re: Promote Your Story with Something Yet Unseen

      List and Kaleb were fighting for all of their lives, and they were losing. Maybe they could buy enough time for the others to get away, but if Valerie awoke to learn that they’d left the two to die, Arden (...)

    13. Re: People who only 5 star review should be banned or not allowed to review

      the new reviews are based on the perception of the author rather than the story Welcome to reviews of all stories, ever.

    14. Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

      From Outsiders of Xykesh, Episode 9, Part 3, in which the gang experiences kobold hospitality: "How exactly is this perfect?" List shot Arden a glare, which was no easy feat, given that they'd all (...)

    15. Re: Oops! All Orphans! Or why you should let your protagonist have families.

      Families and family dynamics can be a lot of fun to write. I’m just a little worried about when and if my mom ever decides to read my books, because I’ve made mother figures into villains more than once (...)

    16. Oops! All Orphans! Or why you should let your protagonist have families.

      So I was re-reading Will Wight's Cradle series recently (incidentally, go read Cradle) when I came to some scenes in book 9 that really captivated me where the hero, Lindon, reunites with his family after (...)

    17. Re: Promote your story with one word

      When asked to summarize their experience in Xykesh in a single word, the five members of the cast were, for the first and only time, in complete agreement: "Outsider."

    18. Re: Promote your story with art!

      I'm always happy for an excuse to show off the work I commissioned from ilikebumbums ! Meet the cast of Outsiders of Xykesh: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5f9c8ffb68d9617fae5ee0ea/586195e7-4ba2-4800-a819-29445968574f/OutsidersBlogReveal.png?format=1500w (...)

    19. Re: 🎶🎸Sunday Snippet 26/06 | WEEK 48 - SUMMERFEST Edition! 🎸🎵

      From Episode 8, "The Kobolds in the Sewers," Part 1. The monster huntresses in training have a study session: Valerie sat on the floor of the double bedroom she shared with List, several books, scrolls, (...)