1. Re: System Apocalypse Mage MC

      Currently writing a System apocalypse with a copyist MC.  Not sure if it's close to what you're looking for, but the MC copies skills and classes, and expends mana whenever he uses a skill.  Unfortunately (...)

    2. Re: Anyone want a random cover? I don't have a story to go with them but if any fits yours you can have it.

      These covers are beautiful, and thank you for giving them out for free.  If you have time, can I please have one? Cover number: 043 Author name: Please leave blank. Book title: Please leave blank. (...)

    3. Re: What's your favorite book you read this year?

      Pirateaba probably doesn't need anymore promotion, but it was because of The Wandering Inn that I started reading webnovels.  And yes, I only discovered The Wandering Inn a few months ago.  Not sure how (...)

    4. Re: What are the stats of an ideal book?

      I can't really tell how your book is doing, because I wasn't there when the larger litRPGs started to gain traction. However, you might want to do some review swaps and other forms of advertisement. (...)

    5. Re: Any Other Authors Who Have Lost Their Love of Reading While Writing?

      Not really.  Although my joy of reading definitely went down a little.  I used to enjoy reading and immersing myself in whatever world the story had crafted, living vicariously through the character's (...)

    6. Re: Writing Character's with memory loss/ amnesia?

      I'm kind of writing a character with amnesia.  Her name is Charlie, and she lost her memories when she died and got assimilated by an eldritch horror.  So, the eldritch horror has its own memories and (...)

    7. Re: Honoku stealing?

      Ah, well that kind of sucks.  I guess I will just have to post and pray that my future chapters don't get stolen.

    8. Re: Honoku stealing?

      Oh, wow.  I seriously feel like an idiot.  Should have at least read a few chapters on Honoku before pointing fingers. Oh well, I guess I will leave this post up.  It is great for a laugh, and the lesson (...)

    9. Re: Help with synopsis to attract readers!

      Thanks for the advice Dreyvs!  I made a few more changes to the synopsis... then it spiraled out of control and I ended up with two synopsises with different tones.  I am going to put the two synopsises (...)

    10. Re: Help with synopsis to attract readers!

      Thanks Dreyvs! And wow, that is a significant contrast.  I am stuck not knowing whether to laugh or be horrified.  It sounds great, but is it possible to go with the loneliness angle?  The way you inserted (...)

    11. Honoku stealing?

      So...I was curious and searched google with my story's name.  And surprise, surprise, I found my story being hosted on Honoku.  I definitely do not remember giving Honoku...or really any website permission (...)

    12. Re: Help with synopsis to attract readers!

      This is a second reply thanking Dreys and luda305.  For some reason my previous reply doesn't show and can neither be edited or deleted.  So, in if you are somehow seeing the previous reply--just ignore (...)

    13. Help with synopsis to attract readers!

      Hi!  I have a litrpg story planned out for a female lead empath.  Genre of Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Drama.  The story will be mostly slice-of-life, but will also have dark elements of persecution and grief. (...)

    14. Re: Writathon rule about "sexual content" being a no-no... but great violence gets the wink-wink?

      I also find it weird.  Especially since I am writing a story that could be called a bloodbath, while there is absolutely no sexual content.  There isn't even swearing. Writing such an imbalanced piece, (...)

    15. Re: Every idea has already been taken. Good?

      Thanks for the encouragement everyone, and reminder to add a twist to hook the readers.  I am also grateful for reedsyprompt link.  I never realized that such contests existed, and I might try to write (...)

    16. Re: Every idea has already been taken. Good?

      Thanks Paradoxcloud and BB Shelbie!  And yeah, I guess my story is still a little bland.  Back to the drawing board for additional conflicts.

    17. Re: Every idea has already been taken. Good?

      Thanks for the encouragement Dreyvs and Anschluss.  Maybe I shouldn't be so concerned about the similarities between the MCs.  Although I am still going to hold off on posting until I am satisfied with (...)

    18. Re: Every idea has already been taken. Good?

      Don't worry about what other people are doing. Originality is impossible, it's all about how you do your story and your own voice. It's the monkeys with typewriters problem, except the human race (...)

    19. Every idea has already been taken. Good?

      It is really annoying and humbling to have thought out a storyline and world only to find the idea not only taken — but perfected.  I guess I have a soft spot for empathic female MCs, mixed with a love (...)

    20. Re: Popularity of a mind mage MC?

      Ah.  I thinking of cinnamon roll girl MC who accidentally chose the empath class when she was isekaied.  She... just wanted the universal translation that comes as the first skill.  Her heightened empathy (...)