The Original Sin

The Original Sin
23 pages

This once started out as a way to waste some time when I finished my studies last year and was just drifting around with nothing to do but job hunting.
But I am not a very artistic or creative person, and it took me the last two weekends just to put some order into those few words I managed to put on paper.

I eventually decided to put this out there in the hope that somebody more talented and with more time will pick up my idea and make something out of it.
So, if you like the idea of it feel free to pick it up. Scrap whatever I wrote or continue with it however you like.
Just shoot me a message so that I get a chance to read what you made out of it.
And in the unlikely case something ever gets published then just gift me a copy of the book(s) and a coffee.

I knowingly decided to not pick Tags as this is just an introduction or a short-story at best.
But in general I envisioned a Grimdark & (High) Fantasy setting with a focus on Mythology.

I claim full ownership for the cover. I took the photo on my last trip to the Alps in Austria.
(But no clue what mountain that is, it's just pretty, deal with it.)

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