1. Re: Promote your fiction by explaining the main/other character(s) goals

      Currently, Saga just wants to not die, and protect the people who have chosen to accept and love them.

    2. Echoes of Valhalla: A norse Isekai fantasy epic  Saga didn't know that the key to a new life, was death.  Figures that their new life is not some overpowered mage or spellcasting genius. (...)

    3. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story Echoes of Valhalla is a Fantasy story with isekai and litrpg elemts woven into it, rather then having it be the focus of the entire story. (...)

    4. Re: Promote your Story - Tell Us About Your Favourite Secondary Character

      I love all  the auxiliary cast I gave Saga to bounce off. But Sasha, who is Sagas Paramore is one of my favorite characters. Unlike Saga who is a brute with a severe lack of finesse to their combat style, (...)

    5. Re: Promote your story with the first three paragraphs the reader sees

      Echoes of Valhalla Within a vast sea of possibility, a droplet of potential sends ripples throughout the ever-shifting energies of what could have been and what may just be. It moves outward, expands, (...)

    6. Re: Promote your Story by telling the original Idea/thought

      "I really want more Norse shit. And nonbinary characters... Oh wait, I can write that myself."

    7. Re: Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      Echoes of Valhalla Saga has the power of Angry after being killed and isekai'd to a norse place. Also very gay and very queer.

    8. Echoes of Valhalla, A queer litrpg novel set in a Norse-inspired fantasy world. Saga didn't know that the key to a new life, was death.  Figures that their new life is not some overpowered mage or spellcasting genius. But that of a Berserker, (...)

    9. Re: Sunday Snippet 01/05 | MAYDAY! MAYDAY! 🚨

      Our MC finds out just how badass one of their mentors are.   “On that day, over a hundred years ago, The last of the living Gray Elves and all of the fighting able Humans, Hobgoblins, Centaurs, and other (...)

    10. Re: Promote Your Story with a God-Awful Pickup Line

      "My love for you is like a truck, BERSERKERRRR" -Saga, who is in fact, a Berserker. 

    11. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      Cover by me, Echoes of Valhalla is a lit rpg story that sees the protagonist Saga stranded in a world heavily steeped in Norse and Scandinavian mythology and magic. (...)

    12. Three important milestones.

      50 chapters, over 10k views, 50+ followers!

    13. Re: Review Swaps.

      Would love for you to take a look at mine. (Signature) In terms of its characters, there will be a wide array of identities present in there, but so far, there are only two characters of importance. (...)

    14. Re: Review Swaps.

      Echoes of Valhalla definitely sounds like my kind of read, plus there's an enby mc? As an enby myself that's always a bonus. I'm not sure if Badger Dungeon is something you'd like to read, but I'm (...)

    15. Re: 100K Word Achievement

      Wooh, Welcome to the 100k club : ) 

    16. Re: Promote Your Story with a Poem

      Let their deeds echo through our song. Let it forever carry through our halls. Let their memory never fade. Let action turn into a tale. Let the Saga be told, of the dead and the living. The great (...)

    17. Re: Review Swaps.

      Don't suppose you two wanna give mine a go? In return I'll have a look through your two and leave a review tonight! My book has a lot of NB characters, but there's no true MC other than Dragon, so it's (...)

    18. Re: Review Swaps.

      WAIT. YOU HAE A ENBY SPEAR AND SHIELD TO?!?!? Well, you have a spear and shield gal, I suppose! But yes, Solidary Enby Spear lover handshake.

    19. Review Swaps.

      Hello there. I wouldn't mind doing some review swaps.  The story can be found in my signature. Its currently at 100k words, 43 chapters. I am obviusly not gonna ask you to read ALL of it right the instant (...)