1. Re: A Good End, Is it Important?

      Personally, I have wanted to murder an author for not ending a fantastic story in a fantastic way. One of the books I am thinking of ended with death. The death of the series, the death of the hero. Ugh. (...)

    2. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      Faith is the only Moral evil. It is the abdication of personal responsibility and the self enslavement to higher powers. It reduces a human being so they are no longer a moral actor. Faith makes a person (...)

    3. Re: (new member, hi.) i guess i need emotional support.

      @realnotperfect I would love to do read/review swaps! The problem is. . . my first book on here is barely started, so I don't yet consider it worthy of review. However, I am planning on reading your book, (...)

    4. Re: How to make a book cover photo?

      Well, no one answered, reinforcing the idea that if you want something it is best to rely on yourself. I figured out how to get a reasonable book cover, so I figured I would tell those of you who are trying (...)

    5. Re: I don't know what I'm doing.

      Firstly, the title of the for this question is hilarious. It pulled me right in.  Second, I had the same problem! My first suggestion: pick your favorite book in a similar genre of the book you are trying (...)

    6. Re: (new member, hi.) i guess i need emotional support.

      Hello realnotperfect! I'm so bummed about your injury! I will tell you that if you want something bad enough, you can get it. It will just be a long hard road. I have done things that science said were (...)

    7. Re: How do I text better.

      Grammar is an essential part of any written conversation but a change in formality is usually used in texting because, in my case, I am usually trying to make it as short as possible.  Hello! What have (...)

    8. Re: Writing as a Procrastinator

      I, myself, have also done some scientifically and theoretically impossible things. I have also seen several people get of drugs, turn their lives around, and go from stagnant to motivated.  EVERY SINGLE (...)

    9. Re: Resisting... urge...

      Ha! I know how you feel. The pressure is real. Hang in there, it get easier over time, pal!  (Or, you could just, ya know. . . )  Shut up! I'm sorry. That was my risky/bad side talking. Ignore it.  (But (...)

    10. Re: Hey ya'll from the US!

      Thanks All! Hopefully I will reach my goals! Keep tuned in . . . I am doing a final edit on the first book!

    11. Re: Hey ya'll from the US!

      Thank you! I have had good feedback from friends, so we will see how this goes... :DrakanLaugh:

    12. Hey ya'll from the US!

      I have been writing since I was small because I realized early on that words make you or break you. They can open or close the doorways to the soul. My goal is to make people feel: the pain of a death; (...)

    13. How to make a book cover photo?

      Has anyone here made their own cover for their book? I am about to submit one, but I would like a cover photo...TIA for the info!