1. Is it possible to get your novel/story turned into a manga/comic?

      So, I'm guessing ones story would have to be fairly popular, but is there cases in which a story from royal road has been adapted into a manga?

    2. Re: Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone else! It has finally happened.

      The pinnacle of isekai is here. Just saw this today: Reincarnated as... an apple. (...)

    3. Re: why did you join RoyalRoad?

      Well I joined Royal road first and have been here for a while, However I have recently been posting on scribblehub as well, I like the community and the interface of the royal road website, however, my (...)

    4. Re: Memo One

      Her ragged breathe was felt on my skin, it tickled, such warmth. "Ah harder." she moaned. I gasped, "I'm cumming" her entire body whimpered. I emptied my seed, a load of a lifetime. --------Haha, (...)

    5. Re: Released my story on another website.

      Try scribblehub, it's a great community and they will also enjoy your work. Yeah I done that due to everyone's advice

    6. Released my story on another website.

      So, i decided to release both my stories (reincarnation as a swordsman) and (call of the devil's daughter) onto web novel, and I must say they are doing extremely well, I released the first four or so (...)

    7. A New Goal

      So when I started my story. (Reincarnation As A Swordsman) I thought it would be cool to get one thousand views, and it did, in around four days or so, my next goal was ten thousand, and around day twenty (...)

    8. Re: Did you ever show your novel to the people in your friends/family, and if so, when?

      I mean bro, my story has incest in it, maybe when I write a normal story then maybe haha. Yeah but like dems the best types of stories tho Lol, I mean, its getting views so i guess people enjoy it haha. (...)

    9. Re: Did you ever show your novel to the people in your friends/family, and if so, when?

      I mean bro, my story has incest in it, maybe when I write a normal story then maybe haha.

    10. How would you describe an Inn?

      The places Bustling with adventurers and alike, how would you introduce an Inn, in your story? (haha get the in joke? anyways) back to the point. I feel like it is of great importance in any fantasy world (...)

    11. Back from Hiatus,

      So I have come back from hiatus on two of my books. "Reincarnation As A Swordsman" and "Call Of The Devil's Daughter" both are a decent read. I have more passion for "Call Of The Devil's Daughter"  (...)

    12. Posting Aggressively (click now= lots of joy)

      took some inspiration and quotes from a reply on one of my forum posts and it made me realize something. I just came back from hiatus and have began uploading "Reincarnation As A Swordsman" chapters (...)

    13. Going back to a story after a hiatus

      So I put my story on hold for around 2 or so months, the average chap views were around 200 something and it had around 60 followers, i just released a chapter today, and i can only say that it will probably (...)

    14. Yes Or No

      A Simple Yes Or No A Samurai vengeance/redemption story, a story of learning the meaning of letting go, and finding new people. Yes Or No please. Holy Moly is also accepted as an answer 

    15. What Do You Think About This?

      well its been a while since I left, but I am back. And I'm here with a new story idea which I'm thinking of doing. NOTE: forgive my grammar, I have not written in months, getting used to it again. (...)

    16. Re: Took my first break (lasted one day)

      Was it a backlog or were you writing a chapter everyday? If it's the latter, I can't even imagine writing that fast, that is incredible. It takes me so long just to set up story ideas and scenes lol. (...)

    17. Took my first break (lasted one day)

      so I took a one day break yesterday, and I needed it, I had been releasing a chapter a day for like twenty eight days, and it does drain you. However having this break was nice, so I'm writing a chapter (...)

    18. An Interesting Twist

      so a while i go, i posted a thread about an idea I had on a story and i finally wrote about it, released the first three chapters and stopped for a bit because it was a bit too hard writing two chapters (...)

    19. Question/

      So, I haven't posted something here in a couple days but something caught my eye. Some people who have clicked on a thread I have posted before might have seen or heard of the story i am currently writing (...)