1. Re: Is there a web novel on here like Tower of God?

      dungeon crawler Carl - crack treated seriously 

    2. Re: Anything like Ave Xia Rem Y?

      Molting the mortal coil 

    3. Re: Looking for more isekai, VR, and Gamelit stories with female MC (no romance)

      Magic-smithing  the reincarnation of alysara  Metaworld Chronicles  Calamitus Bob All on RR

    4. Re: Looking for transmigrated into a [fictional media] type stories.

      Dial it's Ben10 and MCU crossover with a guy appearing in New York alter first Avengers movie.

    5. Cultivation novel with somewhat realistic/rational world/MC

      I'm looking for something similar to titles like Forge of Destiny, Beware of chicken, Sect leader: Cold hard truth, Ave Xia Rem Y, Molting the mortal coil Something with more to the story than always (...)

    6. Re: Looking for Dark Fantasy/Grimdark Stories

      A Journey of Black and red 

    7. Re: Gravity-Defying Romantic Ballroom Dance with GF

      Supreme Magus  www.webnovel.com

    8. Re: Something with a sense of sadist's humor

      Everybody loves large chests  - Hilarious mimc story Practical Guide to evil - story is fantastic but you need to read through few chapters to get to comedy Gold 

    9. Re: LF something absurd/crazy

      Vainqueur the Dragon Dungeon crawler carl

    10. Re: I forgot the title of a fanfic with OC reincarnate in Harry Potter world as muggle born ravenclaw.

      The title Has something with demons in it but it was deleted both from RR and fanafction.net

    11. Re: Necromancer story with demon head teacher

      There was this story where bcs of sweaty cultists demon summoning goes wrong and it literally rains demons. Mc was a girl and she and her class were at the gym before they were isekaied and she makes pact (...)

    12. Re: Seeking godly protagonist

      God of eyes should fit your criteria, but it's still in the beginning stages of learning 'how to god'

    13. Re: Clan/family/guild/kingdom building

      Like in the title anything that has to do with mc establishing/taking control of some kind of faction.

    14. Re: Can’t remember the title...

      Transcendence?  It's one of Andur's stories

    15. Re: Fantasy novels

      Everybody loves large chests 

    16. Re: Anyone got a good Novel that is similar to this one?

      Crashed into Fantasy Binary soul  Out of space

    17. Re: scifi

      Halfway home