1. Re: Doing 10 Review Swaps, I will get to them quickly (Fantasy preferred)

      Putting my story on the list, if you're interested.  Slow burn portal/isekai litrpg fantasy with an emphasis on the world and an exploration of the MC's struggles to adapt to it.  I'll go ahead and knock (...)

    2. Re: Promote Your Story by with a Blurb of Your Latest Chapter!!!

      His mind relaxed and he circulated his mana feeling the unfamiliar weight of it. There was a resistance now that alternated with wildness. At times resisting his pushes, at others moving as if driven by (...)

    3. Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?

      An aircraft carrier.  If I were gonna do a zombie story it would be based on the premise that the only people that survived were the ones stationed on ships at sea. You should watch the show The (...)

    4. Re: NPC respawn, what do you think?

      The only way I'd have a respawn thing was if the NPC's remembered everything up to the moment of their deaths and I'd play that shit for laughs. For the twenty third consecutive day, Ricardo Von Tramor (...)

    5. Re: Describe your book from the villains POV

      Well, I didn't plan on it happening, but this turned into a writing prompt for me, so, you know, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and see what happens.  I blame the caffeine.  BTW, just in case (...)

    6. Re: How much do you read your comments?

      I read them all and respond to most of them.  There's not very many people who drop comments but a pretty solid core of people do from time to time and that's great.  Especially if it's a question or a (...)

    7. Re: "How much time do you invest in worldbuilding?

      I didn't initially do an outright world building set up.  I sort of knew what vibe I was going for and I started writing in a fairly narrow environment which didn't demand an enormous effort on that front. (...)

    8. Re: Describe your Book/Series/Arc as short and poorly as possible: Part 2

      Liberate Auswitch/Manhatten project and escort the survivors to safety,  then turn around and go shit down Kenneth Copland/Goebbel's throat.

    9. Re: Well the 0.5s have found me at last

      I'm with you on the cheap whiskey, if it doesn't burn on the way down it's not worth drinking. Expensive whiskeys feel like drinking water though it's possible that mispent youth merely did irreparable (...)

    10. Re: What's a unique main base location for a zombie story?

      An aircraft carrier.  If I were gonna do a zombie story it would be based on the premise that the only people that survived were the ones stationed on ships at sea.  So submarines, carrier fleets, those (...)

    11. Re: How much population exists in your world?

      I sort of envision large metropolitan areas being only about 30-50k and those are the vast tens of square kilometers places, of which there are exceedingly few.  No more than million total populace for (...)

    12. Re: What's your "Guilty Pleasure" you insert into your writing?

      Sociopolitical commentary, cooking, and random science.  I feel like that kind of describes me as a person and if I have to suffer these maledictions then so does everybody who reads my schlock.  

    13. Re: Novel rankings, good or bad?

      I just want to chime in and thank them for being so quick about reverting the change.  I will offer my recommendation that choice is always nice, especially for changes made to help the mental health of (...)

    14. Re: What is your protagonist currently doing?

      Right now?  Well, since you asked, as I look at the chapter in progress he's getting laid.  Make-up sex is good sex though.

    15. Re: Character Development: Depth vs. Likeability - Which Matters More?

      It's tough man.  Partly because I don't think you can write for depth in a way that doesn't, in some capacity, decrease likeability.  It feels like there's a trade off.  For one thing, the more you flesh (...)

    16. Re: May Thread - Promote your Story

      I just finished book two of a (minimum) three book series and book one is up in its entirety as of a week ago.  It's at over 320K words so far and it's really just getting into the meat of the story.  (...)

    17. Re: Novel rankings, good or bad?

      Not a fan.  I want to know how I stand exactly.  I want to know the specific impact of a rating, it helps me internalize what my ratings, view counts, favorites and so on actually do and how they impact (...)

    18. Re: Tell us About Some of Your Inspirations

      My inspirations are probably mostly Robert Jordan for world building and characterization.  He built a world for me to explore and, man, I was there for it.  He also did characters so well, giving them (...)

    19. Re: As an Author, Would you Rather Have...

      I dunno man, maybe it's just my arrogance but I'm convinced that if 10k people read my shit it wouldn't ever rate less than a 4.  I'd have to agree though, exposure really is king.  Getting more eyes on (...)