The Arcane Emperor

A Mediocre Review of a Fantastic Story

I am really loving this story. The first few chapters were a little rough to get into, but after a few of them it really sucked me in. There are some mistakes with the grammer but it is still above the RRL average. Overall the story line and characters are fantastic. OP MC's are OP, but he is not ridicously OP so its still enjoyable for me to watch him continue to grow and learn.  


Thanks for the work and I'm looking forward to more updates. 

Kill 10 Rats

Enjoying  your work. Please give me more.  

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

It's a solid little story and I have been enjoying the daily updates. Thanks for the effort and please keep it coming. 

Reborn into a RPG?

Good job so far. I am looking forward to more chapters. I like the world building and build up.  I also like the chapters coming out quick one after another, keep them coming. 

Savage Divinity

I enjoy this story because the MC has to meet challenges and develop as a person and a fighter. Not that an OP MC is something that I am against, but it is nice to have to the MC build himself up, like this one is doing. This is one of my favorite stories on RRL and I am hoping that the chapters keep coming out.