by Knightraveness
692 pages

Astrid Hale is a Channeler. One of few humans with the innate talent to sense and transform energy. But in the emotionally unstable or unruly, it is a volatile, involuntary compulsion.

Deemed too dangerous to live among mundane “Statics”, Astrid and others of her kind are restricted to isolation facilities known as Sanctuaries. Trained to suppress their nature, they are not permitted contact with the outside. And they can never leave.

Until mysterious men in uniform come to Sanctuary Endra to request the aid of its most disciplined Channeler for a perilous mission. But Astrid's new calling evokes unprecedented abilities. And should they overwhelm her, she condemns her people to exile forever.

Beset with ambitious allies, unfamiliar emotions, and violent opposition, Astrid is about to discover exactly why everyone feared what Channelers might grow capable of if pushed.

CHANNELERS is an action/sci-fi series that depicts Humanity's future as "mages" in the space age. Follow Astrid from peaceful obscurity into the torrent of combat, intrigue, war, and purpose.

If you are a fan of Mass Effect or Star Wars, you'll find something to enjoy in CHANNELERS.

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The Seven Winged Butterfly

The Seven Winged Butterfly (...)
by Soul_Doctor
75 pages

« Is your life really that boring? ».

« I mean, I wouldn’t say that it’s boring. It’s just…normal. I wake up, I go to lesson, I get back home to study, I read some web novels or watch some episodes of a series, and then I go to sleep. And the next day it starts again ».

« Sometimes I wonder how would it be like to live an adventurous life, like the characters of those novels…to really have an extraordinary life… ».


« A superpower? Interesting…what superpower would you choose? ».


What would you do if you were suddenly gifted a superhuman ability? Would you use it to enjoy the pleasures of life? Would you try conquering fame and power? Would you create a better world for those around you?

Now, what if you realized that you are not the only one gifted with a unique power. That there are six more like you, but whose powers and intentions you ignore completely. What would you do then? Is it safe to just keep living your life as you please? Would you track them down to make sure that they are peaceful? Or would you hunt them to make sure that you are the only "special" one in the world?

That mysterious countdown that keeps ticking certainly doesn't help.

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The subtle World of Terraria

The subtle World of Terraria (...)
by FreiPixelz
298 pages

Evan Langford, wakes up one day to find himself in the game world of Terraria. Confused with no understanding on how he got there, he slowly brings himself up and swears that if there is a way how he got into this place, then there must be a way on how he can get out of this place. He already knows all the inn's and out's of Terraria, how hard can it be?

He then realizes that all is not what it seems since there are skills, stats, different races, a working community and many more things that aren't present in Terraria.

Which begs the question. Is he really in Terraria?


1) Cover art was made by a friend of mine for this story and I have his permission to use it. Thank you, @centryNEL
2) I wrote this story a long time ago when I was still an aspiring writer but it was really bad so I'm re-writing it here.
3) While this is a fanfiction about a game, you don't need to know anything about the game to enjoy this story as almost everything is explained in a simple way that even those who have not heard of Terraria will enjoy this story.

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The Tenth World

The Tenth World
by ChocolateCat301
10 pages

Skadi is dead.

She is very dead.

That is, until the Forsaken awaken once more.

Reincarnated into the Tenth World, Valheim, she is tasked with fighting the most vicious of these foes, in order to allow the gods to rest once more.

Luckily for her, she will not undertake this journey alone. 

But unluckily, the world is harsher than it seems at first, with even the simplest of enemies dealing death on one hit.

After being placed in this deadly world, Skadi must fight her way back to Valhalla, or face the consequences.

Note: I am posting this fanfiction on Scribble Hub, Royal Road, and Webnovel.

[WARNING: Contains extremely strong profanity from both modern and medieval times! Content may not be suitable to people who are sensitive to swearing! (I wonder if I’ll have to make the book rated R because of the f word . . . )]

[IMPORTANT!!!: This is a fanfiction made off of Valheim, I do not claim any rights to the wonderful game Iron Gate has created, and I do not claim rights to the world I have made as the setting. I only claim two of the characters, because everything else came from the game devs and Norse Mythology. I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THIS!!! It is NOT mine!!!]

[ALSO IMPORTANT!!!: I am working yet again with the user Lyric_Drake to create this story. As a friend who plays the game with me frequently, they are a main character, and will help develop where the story leads. I give them credit to this fanfiction.]

Also, I do not have the story planned out, I’m literally playing the game and slowly writing chapters. It’s an easier process than trying to memorize dialogue and lore from Skyrim, but it’s still harder than one would expect. Please do not kill me for this.

And I hope you enjoy the book!

A cool side note: Valheim actually means “choice home,” or “home of choice.” With “val” meaning “choice,” or “to choose,” and “heim” meaning “home,” or “homewards.” Nice job devs!

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Royal Road Rumble

Royal Road Rumble
by Gasmaskbro
102 pages

It's a new season of Royal Road Rumble! The premier wrestling series that takes people from multiple universes, (i.e. stories) and forces them to face each other in a no holds bar season of professional wrestling for fame, fancy bling, and freedom! Dozens for people, monsters, and machines find themselves at the mercy of the mysterious show runner of this sadistic serial. Will they be able to out maneuver this mysterious man in black, will they perish to each other in the ring, or will they be the one to make it to the end of the season and fight their way through Rumblemania to be granted the championship belt? The only way to find out is to tune in and watch this season of ROYAL ROAD RUMBLE: Multiverse Openwieght Beatdown Raw!

On hiatus due to tending sick granny.

All characters used have been used with author consent and will have links to their original stories if you wish to see more of them.

Will try to update every Monday/Friday

Go here to submit your character to the Rumble! Applications are currently open!

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The Transcended: They call him Lucius

The Transcended: They (...)
by Shimaira
26 pages

There is power in a name.
A decade of torture at the hands of the cannibal Lucius has left Amy traumatised. Yet, she remains resilient and is determined to find a way out of his grasp. She will reclaim her freedom one way or another—even if that means becoming someone or something else entirely.

Queer, PTSD & anxiety rep.

Content warning: Sexual themes (nothing explicit), detailed gore, extreme violence & abuse, gaslighting, selfharm, suicidal thoughts, suicide, ritualistic human sacrifice, & cannibalism. There is mention of suggested/threatened sexual abuse but none happens.

Some reviews from GR:

"This dark tale grips you and won't let go. This is one of the stories I've binged upon this year. I was shocked, I was in awe, and I loved the way it was written!"


"Love, love, love this book. It's gruesome and you'll probably have to pause a few times to finish it, but it's very much worth it. A friend of mine and I even started a #luciuschallenge to see how many people will be able to finish and how many will nope out. I can't recommend this enough. If you are a gothic, psychological horror fan, you will love it."


"An extremely disturbing, unique, and gripping read that I recommend to anyone who likes dark fantasy and horror. "They Call Him Lucius" is one of my favorite horror books of all time, in fact. I'm not at all a fan of paranormal books, but this one breaks all the annoying tropes and manages to be just plain terrifying while still having likable characters...and some characters you will absolutely hate (cough, Lucius, cough). What I love about Shimaira's writing is the natural diversity of her characters. We have lots of LGBTQ+ people and several polyamorous relationships. In this book, the biggest concern is about not getting tortured by a possibly-immortal psychopath; who you kiss really doesn't matter. And I'm completely here for that!
I definitely recommend reading "My Lord" in addition to this book, although you can read them in either order. I liked "My Lord" better because it didn't terrify the living daylights out of me, so I felt less anxiety while reading it, haha. Some characters appear in both books, although they have different names, and I enjoyed "Lucius" even more the second time through after having read "My Lord." It's so fun to hunt for those little Easter eggs.
I will continue to read everything in the Transcended universe and shriek at everyone to check out Shimaira's writing, because she deserves to be a famous author that everybody knows about. I really think her books are that good!
Definite trigger warning for some serious gore. It actually gave me nightmares."

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Wings of Fire fanfic: Recovery

Wings of Fire fanfic: (...)
by Wish_Dragon
98 pages

Wish is your average everyday Nightwing. Black scales, both powers, and one friend. He and his friend were having some fun one day when BOOM. Magic things happened. Those things were never supposed to happen, and no one knows why they suddenly did. With close friends by his side, Wish must stop an old misunderstanding from turning into an all-out-war, and old traditions must be broken.

Or everything and everyone will spiral into madness.

[I will be mainly using google docs for this book, and will occasionally copy & paste here. If people catch my interest, I might change some details in the document. I pour my heart and soul into my writing, enjoy!]

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Minecraft: An Odyssey

Minecraft: An Odyssey (...)
by Lyric Drake 591
1 pages

In this story, our hero is thrown into a world he doesn't understand, and follows his exploits, attempts to survive, and learn what he can about this new world he is in. As a person grounded in science and reality, he has a hard time accepting this new world as reality, and is easily confused and confounded by the strange, bizzare, and impossible things that happen often and even normally in this new world, and the strange things of this world are either mind shattering... or his normal.

I am focusing on Webnovel, and while I might occasionally upload one of my chapters from there, go there instead of here if you actually are interested.

UPDATE: 3/8/22
I am pausing this book to go work on a few others.

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Chronicles of Nirn

Chronicles of Nirn
by ChocolateCat301
47 pages

On hiatus while I rewrite.

Freyja is more than your average adventurer . . . That is, she would be if any adventurer could be called average.

She travels across Tamriel with her family. Crazy politics, troubles with local villages, relationship problems- bad luck always seems to find this unfortunate traveler at the worst times. 

Will Freyja survive life's heartlessness? Or will she be overcome beneath its ruthless trampling? 

Follow alongside to uncover this unhappy traveler's fated path!

Note: This is book one of a five book series.

Note: I had help from the Royal Road community to write the synopsis. Special thanks to all the authors that contributed!

Important!!!: This is an Elder Scrolls/Skyrim fanfiction. I do not own nor claim any sorts of rights to the incredible game Bethesda has created! I’m writing this for fun. 

[WARNING!!:  Contains beheadings, backstabbings, murders, lots of gore, mild swearing, drugs, and the use of alcohol. Content may not be suitable for all audiences.]

This is my first book, so please don’t judge the grammar too harshly. I’m leaving all the editing for when it’s done anyway.

Note: I am writing on Webnovel, Scribble Hub, and Royal Road.

IMPORTANT!!: I will be working mainly with the user Lyric_Drake. I give credit to them, because they have helped develop the story and what will come afterwards. They also helped with lore and character design. And they came up with the title! So great job Lyric_Drake, and thank you!

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I'm Not The Hero

I'm Not The Hero
by SourpatchHero
549 pages

Orrin is NOT the hero of the story. That would be his best friend, Daniel. Somehow they stumbled into this new world with magic. While Daniel is the Hero, Orrin gained a new class Utility Warder. Who brought them here? Why does Orrin seem to have powers even the Hero doesn't? And why does Daniel seem to be pulling away from him?

Updates: Saturday Morning like an old school cartoon. Also Thursdays on weekdays I can keep my life together.

Update: April 1, 2022. Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge

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The Wasps

The Wasps
by skribe
24 pages

He'd lost them. Sometime during the trip to the surface, he'd dropped his father's binoculars. Now, Tailor would have to leave the safety of the water again to find them. However, it was no longer night - dawn was approaching - and that would mean that the Swarms would be active. If they saw him, they would hunt him down and sting him until he was dead. So, he had to be clever. And brave. But most of all he needed to work out where he had dropped the binoculars.

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The Primal Hunter

The Primal Hunter
by Zogarth
2.9k pages

Book 1 now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited & Audible

On just another normal Monday, the world changed. The universe had reached a threshold humanity didn’t even know existed, and it was time to finally be integrated into the vast multiverse. A world where power is the only thing that one can truly rely on.

Jake, a seemingly average office worker, finds himself thrust into this new world. Into a tutorial filled with dangers and opportunities. In a world that should breed fear and concern, an environment that makes his fellow coworkers falter, Jake instead finds himself thriving.

Perhaps… Jake was born for this kind of world, to begin with.


Release Schedule:

5 chapters a week.

Average chapter length: 2500

Tags and content warnings are mainly to give me creative freedom later on. This is my first novel ever, and English isn’t my native language, so go easy on me chaps. Any feedback is more than welcome, of course. Also, this novel is only posted on Royalroad, Patreon, and my Amazon releases, so if you are reading it elsewhere, it's pirated and you suck if you keep reading.

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