1. Re: Authors should be able to publicly respond to reviews like in Yelp

      "Just report it, surely the mods will delete it."   :DrakanLaugh: Peak RR Forum cluelessness. To RR's credit, reviews actually get deleted. Unlike Amazon...

    2. Re: Why are quotation marks "" the go to dialogue option?

      I know those feels, I edited a good 10 to 20 chapters from using ' to ". Why'd you do that? Single quotation marks look awesome!

    3. Gender Benders. What about them?

      The title says it all. Do you find it odd? Uncomfortable? Alright? Personally, I find it a tiny bit odd, especially if it's done just for the sake of it and its implications aren't expanded on.

    4. Re: What can I do (within my power) to reach Trending/Rising Stars?

      with no errors I can't do grammar, and apparently this 'show, don't tell'. Sometimes I can't differentiate between show and tell. An easy example I use to explain the difference between Show (...)

    5. Re: What can I do (within my power) to reach Trending/Rising Stars?

      For 20+ days i am posting my story in this website and my story is having a roller coster ride of views reaching above 100 to like 50. Continue decrease in views is understandable but why is it that (...)

    6. Re: Does small Typos can flop an great idea?

      If it's a few minor typos, sure, it's alright. That's provided you're writing perfectly otherwise. However, if you're consistently writing how you wrote the title of the thread, then yes, it will ruin (...)

    7. Re: Rating system of Royal Road.

      How did you find this two year old thread?  I often find RR threads while doing market research via Google. Some stuff like "Why do people like LitRPG" etc will often bring up RR forum posts.

    8. Re: Help getting onto Rising Stars

      Well, the first step of attempting Rising Stars is writing mainstream.  :DrakanThinking: Mainstream or being a pro. If you're mainstream and good, you'll get to the top.

    9. Re: Are The Royal Road Stories That Are Published In The Kindle The Same?

      Some of them are better edited and overall better reads than their RR counterparts while some of them are the same. The early chapters of Randidly here on RR were shaky but on Amazon, it was amazing.

    10. Re: Am I the bad guy?

      Hmmm, I guess this makes more sense. I never meant it as a slur, but the guy beforehand didn't really explain where I messed up. Just straight up to ableism. Thanks! Technically, he did. He (...)

    11. Re: Baseline for gauging new stories?

      It's already been 4 days and you don't have 500 followers? Trash. Sike. Jokes aside, my suggestion is to just not look at views. At all. Only look at your follower count, favorites and ratings. They're (...)

    12. Re: When Imagine a Scene, Is the Imagery flashing through your minds eye....

      It's a mix for me. When imagining sceneries, I often imagine 4k backgrounds. When I'm imagining characters, I just end up imagining them as normal people. When imagining fight scenes, I usually imagine (...)

    13. Re: Is Mother of Learning “overrated”? I don’t think so.

      Furthermore, when attempting to explain correlations, this does not work: "Those who don't like MoL don't have the technical ability to understand it, therefore they are also lack the technical ability (...)

    14. Re: Popularity of a mind mage MC?

      But then again, there are still "good guys", and for some strange reason those "good guys" are not hunted down, despite there being dozens of super-villains for each one :) But they do. A.R.G.U.S, (...)

    15. Re: Is Mother of Learning “overrated”? I don’t think so.

      No Lmao. No offense, but you just displayed a “virgin explanation vs chad ‘no’ response” meme. Again, I ain’t hatin’ on anyone. This really made my day. :DrakanLaugh: i hate talking on (...)

    16. Re: Is Mother of Learning “overrated”? I don’t think so.

      Mother of learning isn't good because of its spice, its good because its well prepared in its technical elements. This is the same as cooking. You could take the technical elements of mother of learnings (...)

    17. Re: Is Mother of Learning “overrated”? I don’t think so.

      Objectively bad writing... What determines objectively bad writing? Passive voice, weak word choice, lack of understanding narrative structure, unintentional switching of tense, head hopping, (...)

    18. Re: About commenting

      This is why I try to comment when reading nowadays. Some people need that tiny bit of encouragement.

    19. Re: Is Mother of Learning “overrated”? I don’t think so.

      My observations are both relevant to the discussion of it being overrated and true. There is a direct correlation between people who call it overrated and people who have a skill issue. I don't think (...)

    20. Re: English as a second language

      Now, that’s something completely knew to me. I’ve never met a Mongolian before on the internet, and I believe this is because most don’t have access to it. I heard a lot of people there are still traditional (...)