1. Re: Looking to commission a marketing assistant (sci-fi)

      The only way I can help with any of that is to boost this question in the forum ;)

    2. Re: How should an author respond to comments?

      My advice is to read comments and reward them with reputation, then spend a day thinking about them before you respond. Good ideas come slowly.

    3. Re: Reccs on and off RR

      this forum is supossedly for RR only but i didn't see that rule often enforced, and i have broken it out of forgetfulness sometimes, so i'd recomment The invention of Morel, by Bioy Casares. It's about (...)

    4. Re: Reccs on and off RR

      On Royal Road Death Forged A Cyclops and his club Thud pick up a new companion / piece of apparel and fall into the detective business. Off Royal Road SkitterDoc 2077 A cross-over between Worm (...)

    5. Re: Reccs on and off RR

      Okay, now you go. Let's keep the descriptions short. Have mercy on my calendar :)

    6. Re: Reccs on and off RR

      I'll go first. on Royal Road: Paranoid Mage by InadvisablyCompelled -- a man finds out he's a wizard as an adult instead of as a child and decides he wants nothing to do with the magical community. (...)

    7. Reccs on and off RR

      I haven't read much on Royal Road recently, but I've read a lot of books.  So how about a game? Recommend one story on Royal Road you've enjoyed recently and one story off of Royal Road (book, ebook, (...)

    8. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      I'd love to know what you think of my story: Fellow Tetrapod. Please be harsh.

    9. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/64716/a-heros-beginning The prologue had 16 readers, then it halved at ch1. Is it really that bad? I didn't want to make a prologue at first but since I wanted to (...)

    10. Re: What metrics do you keep track of?

      Honestly the only thing I really look at is my followers. I even set myself up to release bonus chapters whenever I hit my current goal. Now that is a really cool idea. What sort of bonus chapters? (...)

    11. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Thanks for doing this! I'd like to make my description a better guide to what's in the story. I want readers to have the right expectations going in. If you have any idea how to do that, please tell me (...)

    12. Re: What metrics do you keep track of?

      i've actually put a lot of effort into tracking various metrics and then turning them into a game. and because you made a thread about it, this is my ticket to gush about it now. you have opened the floodgates, (...)

    13. Re: What metrics do you keep track of?

      My thought would be to track the average TOTAL chapter views divided by the first chapter views, so that you can see if you are keeping readers over the course of the story or are starting to lose them (...)

    14. Re: What metrics do you keep track of?

      https://y.yarn.co/46471037-7c37-401e-9e21-49d830e5d8a1_text.gif You know I actually got into trouble with this! I started out by tracking my pageviews, number of followers, and "highest ranking." Then (...)

    15. What metrics do you keep track of?

      Here's the best I've figured out so far: the page views of the first page of my story tracked over time (blue) with the integral (red) and the double integral (yellow). If I can keep the double-integral (...)

    16. Re: What's Your Editing Process?

      I was just curious what everyone's editing process was before publishing their work on here. I'm trying to hone my editing skills, so I thought I'd compare my process to everyone else's. Mine is as (...)

    17. Re: What it's like to be a talking animal

      Difficult, if you keep the full animal anatomy!  Most critters don't have the mouth-parts for human talking, so you need to resort to magic or body mods of some kind, unless you have them "talk" by telepathy (...)

    18. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Sorry. I read the rules, but then I saw other people self-promoting, so I did it too. I'd delete my post, but I don't see a way to do that.

    19. What it's like to be a talking animal

      My novel is just reaching the halfway point, when the characters discuss Thomas Nagel.  In the mean time, the human characters have awkward interactions with sophonts that evolved on different versions (...)