1. Re: Beta Readers

      Net Galley, but I think it costs money to list your book there.  I've never heard of this before. But is it only for works ready for publication? I was hoping to get the beta reads before that.

    2. Re: Beta Readers

      Basically? Don't expect to have beta readers. Get popular and people will offer. Or be very lucky. Either works be truly lucky? hmm, if you've got a spare leprechaun I can borrow and tie to my belt (...)

    3. Re: Beta Readers

      There's a subreddit for it but fair warning, they are apparently very brutal from what people have told me.  More brutal than RR? Ha! I fear no criticism. I had an Asian mother-in-law! Yeah. I (...)

    4. Beta Readers

      Any advice on how (where) to find some reliable beta readers?? Asking for a friend. 😬

    5. Re: Denial or integrity

      Further, maybe taking a break will help. There is nothing like stress and burnout that turns a project you care for into something you resent. You could return on your terms, renewed.  I appreciate (...)

    6. Re: Denial or integrity

      I can tell there's some good imagination underlying the writing. Whether or not that translates into a good story over multiple chapters, I'd have to read more to know. However:     are you plotting (...)

    7. Re: Denial or integrity

      People On here forget that they are reading web fiction most of the time and want Stephen king's length stories and details.  This, this right here! 👆 Preach! 

    8. Re: Denial or integrity

      Sounds like you are struggling with the "editing" phase of writing. Yes, I think I've reached the point of no return. I have no money for an editor. And what would the purpose of having one get me? (...)

    9. Re: Denial or integrity

      That said, this is an interesting concept where readers complain and request changes.... Doesn't that sort of fall into the Dancing Bear category? True. But in the world of this generation, praise (...)

    10. Re: Denial or integrity

      If something is super duper major, and your read their comment and agree, maybe you can do a quick edit to fix that one thing, but overall it's better to just keep writing with plans to one day come (...)

    11. Re: Denial or integrity

      but if you have 10 readers and only a couple of comments by different people I'd say you should just ignore them. You're never going to please everyone. If you try you're just doomed to failure. (...)

    12. Re: Denial or integrity

      Doing this is not a process without flaws, but it's about as good as you can get without paying someone else to do it for you. Thank you, you're right. I think it's reached that critical mass that (...)

    13. Denial or integrity

      Look hard enough and we can find all sorts of excuses to justify why we would, could, should or shouldn't do something. So, I'm trying to be objective here and divorced from my feelings. HA! Yeah (...)

    14. How do you keep your head up?

      I'm usually the one trying to cheer on others but I know that's because it's hard coming to terms with the fact that maybe I don't have 'the right stuff.' On a good note, I don't begrudge anyone their (...)

    15. Re: Notifications

      Have you tried Settings -> Notifications -> General Settings and unchecking the box?  That may only disable e-mail settings, but that's as much as I know offhand. Yes, I've tried that. It doesn't work. (...)

    16. Notifications

      Is there any way to turn off notifications for when a scheduled chapter is released? I don't particularly need it and I haven't been able to figure out how to turn that feature off. Is there an off button?? (...)

    17. Re: Content Volume

      Can you be more specific?  Are you referring to the new "volume" feature that lets you divide a single story up into multiple volumes? Yes. But now it's been explained well. I'll definitely use (...)

    18. Re: Content Volume

      So there is a 'volume' area in the menu but...what is it? And how do we use it effectively? To cut things short, the volume section is to help divide a series. For instance, if you have a whole (...)

    19. Re: Content Volume

      Any help would be great.

    20. Re: The trope you hate most but see a lot in RR

      Mine is definitely abrupt jumps in POV that end up taking me out of the scene before anything happens. In severe cases, we have authors describing the appearance of a character and them menacingly standing (...)