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Dawn of the Void - a LitRPG Apocalypse

When chaos meets order, we have a dawn of the void

I could almost swear I've never seen this amount of commitment and smarts in comments from any book so far. 

@PWTUCKER  you are definitely lucky to get these amazing minds so invested in your story, and having read it as well I can definitely say with certainty that it's not just luck keeping these people here.

I mean I just wanted to take a look and the next thing I know the day is almost over.

It's so engaging and keeps one guessing what comes next as the MC is just so unusual compared to other LitRPG Apocalypse ones that every single chapter is refreshing in its own way, especially when the characters are flesh out more.

You are amazing at just blending chaos and order to provide one of the most satisfying and engaging reads out there, and I commend you on that.

The Grand Game

Amazing story and unique power dynamics

The first thing to note in this book is the unique power systems, it makes for a very unique reading experience while not seeming forced.

And the way the information gets out is often more entertaining than an information dump or the like.

And although the book seems fraught with Machinations and Sinister plots, it all comes together to provide one of the most unique blend of Genres, on this and any site yet, it really is one of a kind.


This book is simply a Goosebump inducing book..

First I would like to say that as an African, a Nigerian to be specific, I am so proud of this work.. 


The concept of differing paths in conjunction with the classes providea a unique experience yet It doesn't seem so alien that one is forced to try and figure out what the hell is happening at any point, and there's the relations some of the paths have with myths and legends of Local Deities that are not so well known to most of Africa even that just creates a sort of mystery and a need to check out those myths..

This work just has so many things to compliment and rather few to condemn (that is if you are a professional critic or just a plain hater). This book has some really goosebump inducing parts and is just generally a sensation and a thrill to read.

Soulshard: Willbender

Okay so I have to admit I like the twist in chapter 7, and the direction the story is going (without spoiling too much) is like a mash of some of my most favourite genre.. tho, I have to say there has been some grammatical errors in chapters 6 & 7. So far am really hoping for more chapters tho.

Soul of the Warrior

Probably the best book out there

As far as I am concerned this book should be among the top 5 most interesting fantasy book to read in the WORLD, it's Generic yet so Unique that am sure any writer can pick so many different ideas from it and still make their book interesting, It's a work of ART, the blue box style is still my most favourite thing about this book along with all the meticulous explanations of how just about everything and anything came to be, there's no second guessing how sh*t came about, and everything the MC does and or doesn't do remains that way, there's no "and he packed in the bombs before leaving the loo" and all that unexplained plot armour acts. I love the characters, and how they are depicted, like you can tell their characters and disposition just from their words and interaction with the MC. The point of views are also quite insightful and relevant in the world building, which makes it more than just accepted, plus they are not invasive and help in the character's development. Then there's the Grammar, i have three words for this, SIMPLE, EFFICIENT and EENGAGING. 

This is like a must read for fantasy book lovers and if you think solo leveling is the best yet? Well you're gonna have to think again. Honestly I check for a new update so often it's almost like the days are just not moving 😭, I hope the updates come in two's or three's.