1. Re: First book :)

      Epic. Stay hard!

    2. Re: First book :)

      The journey begins. Keep a realistic, organized schedule, have lots of patience, and keep writing, fellow author.  Lots of luck.

    3. Re: What's the better name?

      Timeless-Net :DrakanPotato:

    4. Re: Longing for the swap of reviews. [OPEN]

      I've got about 40k currently up on mine, so I'd be down to read all 40k of yours. Let me know if you've still got time to swap me despite the others who've responded first. Thanks! Sure; Tomorrow is busy, (...)

    5. Re: I hit a thousand views!

      WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! LET'S GOO BABYYY. THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, THAT'S WHAT'S ALL ABOUT!!!! hem hem. My polite congratulations. :DrakanPotato:

    6. Re: Longing for the swap of reviews. [OPEN]

      If offered it shall be taken. HBA I the latest story I am working on.  Yesterday, I finished the second arc for the story. So some more advertising and critics would be a good thing. If you are (...)

    7. Re: Longing for the swap of reviews. [OPEN]

      Done. One of the coolest fiction I've come across here on RoyalRoad, congratulations.

    8. Re: Longing for the swap of reviews. [OPEN]

      I can't do 40K words, but I can do 10K words.  For me, that's chapters 1-6.  What is it for  Till chapter 5, ;). I'll get on your review later today.   

    9. Longing for the swap of reviews. [NOT OPEN] [OPEN'T] [CLOSED] [SHUT] [IDK WHY IM DOING THIS]

      Hello fellow readers, I hereby request your presence for an epic reviewing session, I hope we can both learn from this experience. You have my fiction down ma signature. Link yours if you're interested (...)

    10. Re: Copyright Protection Strategies

      Writing down ideas for now, just that.

    11. Re: Copyright Protection Strategies

      Hmm, interesting... As a future software developer, this will be a nice project to work on in the future. 

    12. Re: Dear Authors: East Tale has posted your work!

      Lmao, I post first chapters as drafts, and their dumbass algorithm won't take edits into account. :DrakanLaugh:

    13. Re: My New Cover

      That looks neat, congratulations. :DrakanPotato:

    14. Re: Wooo! First Chapter has hit 1k views

      That is impressive, congratulations! Keep it going! :DrakanPat:

    15. Re: what's a thing about you that slips into your writing?

      Not knowing how to write, definitely a big impact.

    16. Re: How do you make your tea? (the drink)

      Step 1: start coffee machine. Step 2: insert capsule. Step 3: Make and enjoy cofee. No tea.

    17. Re: What makes you, "you?"

      Vsauce is that you?

    18. Re: Broke Top One Thousand!!

      Deserve it brah, keep it up!