E J Otvos

E J Otvos

    1. Re: Am I Fighting An Uphill Battle?

      Yes, you are fighting an uphill battle.  Everybody has a different idea of success which is why you'll see people saying that their story is a success when they have a non-litrpg story with a couple thousand (...)

    2. Re: Heat with cold or cold with heat.

      Definitely cold with heat. With the right gear, you can withstand extreme cold. It's not so simple with extreme heat.

    3. Re: Am I Fighting An Uphill Battle?

      Regardless of your own expectations, I think your story is doing pretty good. Multiple comments, followers and favorites, and quite a few viewers for being only 4 days and 4 thousand words into it. :peoapproval: (...)

    4. Re: Am I Fighting An Uphill Battle?

      I don't do progression or lit, but I find myself doing fairly well. It's not one of the big hitters but I have steady growth. That's great! Gave your story a follow. I'll read it later, as it seems very (...)

    5. Re: Am I Fighting An Uphill Battle?

      Most aren't, I think? But enough are that if the story is engaging enough, and/or written well enough, you can still get readers.  If I have to put numbers on it, I'd expect around 4x less views. But (...)

    6. Am I Fighting An Uphill Battle?

      My story only has 2 chapters, so maybe I'm being paranoid, but I'm just wondering if it's possible to have major success on this platform if my story isn't LITRPG. There is some power progression in the (...)

    7. Re: When Is The Best Time To Release Chapters?

      It's hard to say a specific time and widely debated. However, whenever you post, do not post on the hour or right before it. This will get you pushed down quickly by autopostings since most people do that (...)

    8. When Is The Best Time To Release Chapters?

      I usually manage my writing in the evening, and I figured I shouldn't release chapters late in the day because there probably wouldn't be as many users on the site at that time. This is very important (...)

    9. Re: Does My Story Have Too Much Descrition Or Exposition?

      I agree with the above, although this section Name: Michael Harris Larson Born: April 16th, 2061, 11:12 PM, Alberta Age: 26 Height: 5’10 Weight: 173lbs Hair: Medium length, blond. Eyes: Grey/blue (...)

    10. Does My Story Have Too Much Descrition Or Exposition?

      So I recently published my first chapter, and I'll be publishing my second today, but I feel like the amount of description and exposition in the first chapter will turn people away. Could anyone have (...)

    11. Re: How do i keep motivation for a story?

      Try showing it to a friend and ask what they think of it, and what they'd like to see in the story going forward. Could give you some ideas.

    12. Re: First Volume Complete at 83k words!

      Big congrats! Finishing such a large chunk of story like that is a big deal!

    13. Re: How many chapters do you release per week?

      I'll be trying my best to do 3 or 4.

    14. Re: Changing the plot after published?

      This will always be frustrating to readers, but at the end of the day, if it makes your story better, you should do it. It will improve the story for your current readers down the road, and make new readers (...)

    15. Re: One Line of Advice

      Don't spend hours and hours learning how to write unless you're going to spend a longer amount of time writing. You should spend more time applying what you learn than learning it. I used to watch hours (...)

    16. How Would Police Handle This Situation?

      Long story short: A mysterious woman appears out of the dust of an explosion. She kills 4 police officers on site in front of dozens of witnesses including other cops. She then intimidates the MC into (...)

    17. How Can My MC Survive This?

      In my story (working on a backlog before I release it here), an explosion destroys a five floor office building. Completely levels it. My main character is in a car and needs to be somewhat near it for (...)

    18. First Person Or Third Person?

      So what do you all enjoy reading more? I typically write in third person with two to four POV's because it allows me to more easily set up the story and broaden the scope of events. However, I am open (...)