1. Re: How to gain viewers

      What is the ratio of views from your first, to let say tenth chapter? Also, when you say "a lot of other novels" are they in the same genre? From the first chapter its, 137, 98, 96, 68, 55, 52 , 35, 26, (...)

    2. How to gain viewers

      Hello all. I need some advice.  I've been typing away at my story for a while now and haven't gained a lot a viewers on my novel. I check out a lot of other novels and they have more then 1,000 viewers (...)

    3. Re: Looking for a Review! (Or review swap)

      I recognise your name and your work. Did your book used to start with someone running from a monster through a dark alley, and then he woke up to an alarm? Yes! I made some significant changes to my (...)

    4. Re: Review swap

      I could do a review swap. You can do 300 Moons Till Disconnect (35k words, 4k per chapter) or 5 Threads of Fate (15k words, 2k per chapter) depending on which one interests you more. I'll read threads (...)

    5. Looking for a Review! (Or review swap)

      Being a rookie author that I am, I am looking for someone to review or look over my first few chapters I can also do a review swap, but I'm a little harsh when I critique, so if I don't say much, that (...)

    6. Re: Review swap

      I'm a new writer here and would like to do a comment swap instead. Since my fiction just got released there's only one chapter and I'll do the same to your work. Is that okay? I'll get right on it!

    7. Review swap

      I'm an amateur writer and I'm looking for some review swaps to do. It doesn't need to be a review; it could be a comment or some DMs I only have 5 chapters out right now, so I'll probably review (...)

    8. Re writing my novels. Do I start a new fiction or replace the chapters?

      Hello. I have been thinking about rewriting the first several chapters of my novel with everything I learned about writing. Am I allowed to submit the new writing as a new fiction and start fresh or should (...)

    9. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews [OPEN]

      Mind if I put my novel for Review? Thanks for it. Here is the Summary Haru was a meek and mild student living in Japan before everything changed in his life. Hallucinations, strange changes to his (...)

    10. I Finally Cracked 1,000!

      Took me 17 chapters but I finally managed to crack 1,000 views. This makes me so happy. At times I feel demotivated, but this achievement made me feel like continuing no matter what. I was stuck (...)

    11. Re: Review swaps for newer members

      I'm about three months into the royal road. I'll put my story in the ringer. Hey Lugg-not, sorry I didn't notice the ping for this. I'll start reading yours straight away. to everyone else on this (...)

    12. Re: Review for review swaps

      I'll put my story in the ringer if you are still intrested.

    13. Re: OFFERING: First Chapter Writing Style Critique (Comment)

      Hi Saf I'll put my story in the ringer Would you be willing to look at "Welcome to the family?" And let me know what you think? There is no gore or anything of the sort in the first chapter. A focus (...)

    14. Re: Review swaps for newer members

      I'm about three months into the royal road. I'll put my story in the ringer.

    15. Re: FREE Reviews to NEW Stories

      I'll put my story in the ringer as well.

    16. Re: Synopsis Opinions

      are you familiar with the prince of persia series perhaps in the second game the character is chased by a supernatural creature (cant remember what the thing is called, but its persistent dangerous and (...)

    17. First chapter feedback swap

      I have a first chapter written and would appreciate any feedback. From writing style to storytelling or if it makes sense. I'll do a review or feedback if you want me to, just let me know. Edit: I don't (...)

    18. Re: Present tense vs Past tense

      Who told you that writing in present tense is a bad habit? Use whatever tense makes sense. I proudly write in present tenses. It feels more gripping and engaging for me as a reader and a writer. (...)

    19. Re: Present tense vs Past tense

      First the advice and example Lugg_Not gave is great, second I suggest changing the word abdominal to abdomen. Abdomen is the bady part, abdominal means related to the abdomen, like abdominal muscles (...)

    20. Re: Present tense vs Past tense

      I definitely wouldn't switch to present tense just for fights since that would probably drive your readers crazy. I'm not personally a fan of present tense, but I'd rather read a whole book that (...)