1. Re: A Regulation or Tool to Proof Human creation

      BUMP up this debate. and yep,  :DrakanZip: I'll just bump it up.

    2. Re: Clarkesworld closed their submissions :C

      that's the world in the hand of the creator, not the big companies :DrakanGlasses: This is convincing enough. Imagine a future where AI and Human both co-exists. That said would there be a concern (...)

    3. Re: Clarkesworld closed their submissions :C

      But, I think the worry is overblown; worst case scenario, AI content is not comparable to 'real' written fiction; with how our algorithms work, any AI submission will just be lost in the field of stories (...)

    4. Re: Clarkesworld closed their submissions :C

      I'm bringing back an idea in one of my own infamous RR forum debate post on the table. The idea on "proof of humanity" and "mark of human origin" hate me or whatever. I plan to buy over a small platform (...)

    5. Re: the Buyout Dilemma

      The gray area are those who get paid for the process of it, which it does give them jobs. Well, it speaks for itself, even that 10 episodes of Velma had provided some income for the people who had worked (...)

    6. Re: the Buyout Dilemma

      a publisher is offering you 1.2 million USD to publish your series as a book. however, the contract states that your series must span three more volumes than you initially intended. do you accept the offer? (...)

    7. Re: Need help with aggression, rage. Tipps?

      If you have access to education establishment: - Seek out your establishment's counselling service If you are working adults (low income) - Consider seek out counselling services of government organisation (...)

    8. Re: How do you write comedy?

      The art of comedy varied depends on audiences. Some find a thing funny but not all agree about something is being funny. For example, I tried to write something funny on Teleios: Aethon is a horse that (...)

    9. Re: How to write 3 star and lower review?

      wait so reviews ≠ rating? Yes, Review = comes with stars and the reviewer had to write something and post it on the fiction page. There are 2 types of reviews: Normal review and advance review. The (...)

    10. Re: How to write 3 star and lower review?

      Every time I wrote one it got removed. I tried very hard to keep to the guidelines but in the end it seems like giving a 3 star review or lower is considered "discouraging the author" and against the rules. (...)

    11. Re: Since RR won't release Duck emoji's...

      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/926115414746988557/1075337221755895808/duck_kiss.png Well, here's a non yellow duck https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/926115414746988557/1075337222225678436/duck_shock.png (...)

    12. Re: Any series wherein the MCs powers are based around plant and/or fungi control?

      I don't think Teleios is a suitable story you're looking for. But I do have an MC that able to generate tiny white flowers that able to miraculously heal any wounds and disease. and she'll be able to (...)

    13. Re: I tried making Thomas, a character from my series with ai

      Not really, on RR, there's a few rising stars title using AI illustrations and they are all with many reviews over 4 stars.  :FancyDrakan:

    14. Re: RR way better than Sribble Hub

      It really depends on the audiences you're trying to attract. SH audiences are keen towards adult stories. They prefer sexual contents and cheeky romance. If you're writing ecchi romance, you might get (...)

    15. Re: I've been writing a web novel serial for 15 years, AMA

      It's great that you continue to write.  :DrakanPotato: It's a great accomplishment

    16. Re: 🌸 Weekend Snippets 10/2 | WEEK 80 ✳ Superbowl LVII Weekend 🏉 Featuring RIHANNA! 🎤

      The latest 2 chapter of Teleios:  Chlorus stunned, he was sure that the man was Hector. That armour on his body, that triskeles badge on his thick leather belt belonged to the greatest Syracusean warrior. (...)

    17. Re: Teachy Reviewer , Prissy Writer

      Pm for review requests, the more traumatising the story, the better.  I've read some of your reviews! It reads great!  If you have time I do wish to be reviewed.  Since my writings also considered (...)

    18. Re: I'm surprised that ..

      Probably you haven't dug deep enough on RR. We have everything, just that they are niche and less popular on RR. If you looking for military stuff, try the following search: https://www.royalroad.com/fictions/search?keyword=military&tagsRemove=fantasy&tagsRemove=gamelit&tagsRemove=litrpg&tagsRemove=summoned_hero&tagsAdd=historical (...)

    19. Re: Noob question - do you folks write and post "on the fly"?

      I'm not sure about others, but I post my drafts here. Pretty much is an in progress work. Currently is 2nd edition and will plan to make 3rd edition. So it is not in a quality that is "completed" but (...)

    20. Re: Got A.I. to write my story for me!

      Well, I did not read the fiction and saw your rating. I have to say, it's just normal.  I've read some fiction works written by human authors got rated lower than that. Thus, the negativity against (...)