Psychic Magician

The way the MC acts isn't consistent with what is supposedly the requirements for his power.

From what I understand his power requires him to have at least some amount of intelligence and memory, yet from how he acts I'm fairly certain there are goldfish with better memory.

He says he needs to let his neural heat cool down (basically regenerate his power pool) but basically moments after he goes and makes a huge explosion in a relatively small fight he easily could have won silently, while knowing nothing about the power of anyone or anything around.

Disregarding the huge waste of power that explosion was, he could basically also alert everyone capable of boosting their sight, hearing or having other supernatural means of sensing things for who knows how far around. And this is while suspecting that his companions and therefore himself is wanted throughout the land.

Expect inconsistency in the MC's thoughts and actions.

And obviously if you didn't get it already, expect a not just strong but extremely overpowered MC.

All that said, the grammar is decent and if you look past the MC, the story itself seems pretty good this far. Sadly about 60-70% of my interest in stories is in the MCs.

The Power of Ten: Book One: Sama Rantha, and Book Two: The Far Future

First four "chapters” are infodumps, I’d advice anyone who wants to read a story to start at chapter five.

The little amount of actual story I’ve seen this far has failed to grab my attention, possibly because I was mostly annoyed and bored by the time I actually got to it.

Give it a try if you’re into d&d stories or just downright bored, I don’t think I’m going to continue this.

Master Alchemist

The first 4-5 chapters are decent but chapter 6 made me drop it. It goes from being about a great alchemist that might have some powerful friends to being about an all powerful arbitrary god.

If you’re looking for a change of pace with a crafting mc or something like that then don’t bother. This isn’t it.

Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe

It reads exactly like 90% of the CN cultivation stories out there and has the same plot.

suppressed kid get chance to cultivate, has trash talent, pulls treasure out of his ass, becomes ‘genious’.

If you like CN cultivation stories then this is for you, if not then give it a pass.

I will absolutely cultivate
The story is good, nothing in particular to note about the style which I see as a positive and while the MC isn’t the most interesting character ever there haven’t really been anything I found annoying about her either.

My only problem this far is the grammar, it’s understandable but there is a lot of minor mistakes and some that completely change the meaning of the sentence(I found it quite obvious that it was a mistake when this was done).

Here’s an example(in bold, rest is context, no clue how to change colour in a review) from the latest chapter I read, very minor spoiler.

Spoiler: Spoiler



I read the Forward but this is honestly much too similar to Forge of Destiny.

The cultivation system is basically the exact same, the way to train techniques is the same and the characters have similar personalities.

If you're going to read this and have already read Forge of Destiny just be prepared to get a lot of deja vu feelings.

It is not a bad story judged by itself but I'd advice you to only read one of the two stories, I can't honestly say I enjoy this after having read the other.

I've read to Ch. 17.

Where did I wake up?

If you’re okay with stupid MCs then you’ll probably find this great.

The grammar is good, the story seems interesting and I like the style.

Sadly I quite literally can’t make myself read a story where I feel like the only reason the MC survives the first day is due to plot armor.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Basically my conclusion is that the only thing keeping this guy alive is, and will be, plot armor... 


Love Morgan, ‘side chapters’ not so much

I absolutely love the chapters about Morgan but all these ‘side chapters’ feels like a chore I have to do, to get to the content I actually enjoy.

I understand that they might be necessary for the storyline but that does not make them any more enjoyable to read for me.

A Cheap, OP Brawler

I’d give chapter 1-40 4 stars but in my opinion it went a bit downhill from somewhere around there. I haven’t been enjoying the last couple of chapters and couldn’t really get through chapter 47 so sadly my journey ends here.

The Voice of the World

What I really love about this story is that the MC is a crafter AND IT'S RELEVANT.

Unlike most other stories with a "crafter" MC, where the MC basically just makes one or two op items and then the subject isn't brought up again for 20+ chapters untill the MC decides to make another op item, this story actually makes the crafting relevant and interesting.

The story itself it good, the characters interesting and there's no grammar mistakes that scream "I AM HERE TO ANNOY YOU AND KILL YOUR BRAIN CELLS".


This review was written at chapter 30