Enjoyable, and that is what matters.

I can’t say much other than I love this story. It is well written, has great characters and even the bad guys are written decently. The dynamic between everyone is great, and I can't wait to see where the author takes us on his journey.

I hope you continue to grow as a writer and wish you the best of luck.

The Runesmith

Can use some work, but i still read it.

So far the story is decent, it's an idea i haven't really seen before and it is enjoyable overall. The author could use some help in editing I believe, to help fix some of the random typos and other things they miss. The writing itself could use a little more a show aspect then the current tell.

Also the author likes to make almost all the people they introduce be women, maybe he is used to writing harem novels? The current setup is not bad, mostly men in his new party. Just found it a little weird that most people he introduced to the story are women/girls.

They Called Me MAD

I've been following the story almost since it started, and it seems like the author has been improving slowly as they go. Other people have already pointed out where the author can improve, so I won't worry about relisting that or pointing out any plot holes. I will say that overall, the story is keeping me reading and I do not plan to stop reading it, any time soon. 

Also did you know that my review needs to be at least 200 words long? It does not seem like a lot of words, but it truly is a lot to someone like me, who is having a hard time just filling this up. I guess i should point out that writing 200 words, when you don’t want to point out things other people have posted already, makes it somewhat hard to do. But I will try and do just that, so that it will post my review and everyone shall be able to read it in all of its glory.

Keep up the good work, focus on your craft and keep improving on your writing. I hope for the best of luck in your future and will follow your progress with rapt attention.

Fireteam Delta

Summers you fucking asshole!

I’ve read the first 2 chapters and I honestly love it. If the author keeps up the quality in writing I have seen thus far, I can see this being a story I follow and await chapters with bated breath. I will give a better review once I catch up and learn more about the story. But I agree, Summers is an asshole.



More to come soon!

Beach Bum

If was a fun story, and kinda different from what i normally check out. Thanks for writing this and i hope you post that Sci-Fi story next time. Not really much else i can say, maybe eat some tacos. Tacos are life.


A great start to a promising story.

The story is good and I enjoy it. Honestly my only complaint is the 1.5 book from the AI POV, but i think a lot of people feel the same as me. Reading what the author posted about it and his thoughts I feel a little better. But since I know he wants to turn this into a book series, maybe he should make the AI view of the story a completely separate thing like Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. It’s kind of what he is doing, but not really. It would need polish and some changes to make it work better.

Honestly though, his first book is good and I look forward to the second real book.

The Dungeon Boss's Favorite Game - A Virmo Story

Good story, and a twist on what could be consider an Portal Fantasy / Isekai.

Enjoyable and I honestly only have one complaint. The author stopped posting chapters and didn’t really give a heads up. Otherwise it is a good story, with short chapters and some decent characters.

Come back and post more if you can, don't give us a case of blue balls.

He Who Fights With Monsters

Good story, nice banter and an enjoyable time.

I’ve been following this story almost since it was started. I have no real complaints, and I have nothing I can really add that many of these fine people have already pointed out. Good characters and decent plot. Some decent banter between people and some cool fighting scenes.

Read it or don’t, I will be reading it though and enjoying every minute.

Defiance of the Fall

Overall it's decent for what it is, a cultivation story with a system. But it could use some work and a good polish. But i don’t think that will happen, the author reminds me of Chinese Wuxia authors. He is making a very long story with many plots and paths it can take, while keeping the tension high to keep people reading.

 I honestly won’t go into detail because other people have already pointed out everything I would put down. 

 If you like a decent story about a body cultivator who has to suffer to get stronger, this story is for you. Otherwise, maybe pass it up.

Forgotten Conqueror

Enjoyable, and needs to be updated.

This is one of the first things i read, when i came to this site. It was a great story and enjoyed it throughly. I was upset at the gap between posts and the unfinished story. But he has come back and post the rest of book 2 and is now posting book 3 on his website.

Overall the story is good, and enthralling. I find myself waiting to keep reading it, even when i should be going to sleep. But i still read another chapter anyways.

Characters are fleshed out and enjoyable to read about. I've never really had any issue with any of them or how they acted, they all felt like real people to me. With their own thoughts and goals. I hope at some point the author decides to finish his story. Till then i will check on it every few years.