1. Gary's Housecat is Secretly a Horror Beyond Comprehension

      The Aggie Show | Royal Road That's all. If that sounds interesting, then I recommend that you read it (There is totally no conflict of interest).

    2. Re: Anyone willing to review 10k words, willing to swap up to 50k words

      If this is still open, I would love to do a 10,000-word review swap with you. I will leave a review of your story tomorrow. In exchange, if you would like, The Aggie Show | Royal Road

    3. Re: wanting some review swaps [open]

      If this is still open, I would be up for doing a review swap with you as well! I will leave a review of your story tomorrow (is ~20,000 words fine?). In exchange, The Aggie Show | Royal Road

    4. Looking For Review Swaps!

      I am looking for review swaps. I'm up to read any kind of fiction, and I will be sure to leave an in-depth and thoughtful review for whatever I read. You can message me or respond to the thread, and I'll (...)

    5. Re: I Posted My Second Ever Story on Royal Road!

      Well crap, here I go again engaging in feline fantasy. :P Congrats! And I know how it is on the... Revision quest. Honestly I find it hard to just finish a chapter and leave it be. Working on my first (...)

    6. I Posted My Second Ever Story on Royal Road!

      I'm very excited about this! The first story I posted, Revenant, took 200 days for me to complete, and there were a few improvements I feel I could have made if I could go back and write it again. I'm (...)

    7. Re: Fantasy Review Swap (+Free Art)

      If you're still looking to do review swaps, I'd love to do one! My story isn't very long (About 11K), but I'll try to read the full 35K either way. 

    8. Re: Promote your story with the first three paragraphs the reader sees

            The young man kneels on the rough carpeted floor, hanging his hands over the unfinished wooden surface of the low coffee table. He swipes the fallen playing cards off its face and draws a few cards (...)

    9. Re: Promote your fiction with the most basic description of it you can think of

      Revenant | Royal Road The simplest description I can think of: Gang Fantasy

    10. Hello!

      Around January of 2021, I had an idea for a story that I wanted other people to be able to read. Very quickly, I found Royal Road and decided that it would be the best place to try out writing. I'm new (...)

    11. I Passed 250 Views :^>

      I know that doesn't sound like a huge number, but I'm honestly pretty stoked. :^> It's easy to get lost in all the huge numbers you can find on this site, but, at the end of the day, I got to share Revenant (...)