1. Character accents?

      Do any of your characters have accents or do they speak in high-English?  Inquiring minds want to know!

    2. Re: Top 10 words I LOVE

      Viscosity, that word needs more love and not just in oil commercials  

    3. Re: Does it also bother you when a character's name is dumb / silly / weird?

      I personally like it when names are creative. DC's Batman is especially good with "Edward Nigma" or Mr. E, or Jervis Tetch. Marvel names seem so cold and generic.  I like the idea of a name that pulls (...)

    4. Mr. Plinkett Challenge

      Can you describe your MC in 5 words or less?

    5. Re: Anything.

      I joined because I just wanted to annoy the queen... A worthy cause. To be remembered by an immortal as the queen herself is a great honour Apparently it was the queen of Englands birthday today. I (...)

    6. Re: What's the most off-putting element of an otherwise good story that made you detach/give up entirely?

      I was reading/editing a very off putting story about werewolves for a job interview. The whole things was a piece of trash, from the grammar (worse than mine) to how the MC acted. Most of her actions were (...)

    7. Re: Fanfictions turned original?

      If you wrote a fanfiction that was fairly different from the source material and eventually decided to republish it as an original work, would that still classify as an "original" work on RR? I dont (...)

    8. Re: My fifth graders created a world, it's pretty crazy!

      when you let kids and their imaginations run wild, never know what you will get

    9. Re: Wizard Slurs.

      wizards - finger fighters  druids - hippie chick (if used in a modern world) witches - fuzzy bunnies, kitchen witches, crispy/crispies (if used in a modern world) I've had a character that told a (...)

    10. Re: So a pirate, samurai, cowboy and a English dandy walk into a bar when...

      Make the Brit gay, or Scottish (clearances), and you have his reason for being on the fringes. Or he could have been caught duelling and be on the run? I'd totally read that story anyway. That would (...)

    11. So a pirate, samurai, cowboy and a English dandy walk into a bar when...

      I recently came across the a picture describing how it would be historically accurate for all four types to co-exist in one setting. Consider this: Victorian England: 1837-1901 American Old West: (...)

    12. Re: magic and the language

      Proto-norse, huh. Have you studied it? Fun language, I've glanced at it for the purpose but with so few surviving inscriptions it seems a bit like a nightmare to work with for anyone who isn't a language (...)

    13. Re: magic and the language

      Latin is nice to use for magic because it is a dead language that everyone is familiar with. It's immediately recognizeable, everyone knows what ecclesiastical Latin sounds like so there's no need to (...)

    14. magic and the language

      One of the things I tend to notice is that magic in general tends to use Latin words or phrases. while it sounds cool and everything I wonder why its a staple? "In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni" (...)

    15. Re: Do you listen to music while writing?

      Depending on what kind of scene I'm writing. Since Im writing a fantasy spy thriller, James Bond music is in order. Traveling or city music usually Heilung or Dead Can Dance is in the play list.

    16. Re: Favorite line of Dialog in your current work?

      Estelle continued, “Unless I alter my name to something that begins with D, maybe Darla? Darla Darling Domestic House Cat has a nice ring to his. It’s destiny that Darla Darling the Domestic dominates (...)

    17. Re: Karambit Knife- A debate with my Beta reader

      the question that should be asked is: does the Karambit knife add anything to the story or important later on or just another prop? From what I could tell it adds to the world building and character (...)

    18. Re: A Mysterious Invitation

      I can only see one of my characters participating in his contest. The MC of the modern magic world would try to prevent this is continuing al la' Squid Games, while the MC in the sci-fi story would have (...)

    19. Re: Review Swap?

      ill take a go at it...

    20. Re: Morality in your tale... Is this a standard?

      Morality can be taught in one of several ways as long as they typically adhere to the 7 heavenly virtues . Additionally there are 11 virtues that predate the Christian adoption and were suggested by the (...)