Pillage Your Village

Pillage Your Village

    1. Re: Would anyone be interested in reading something written as a TV show script

      Would anyone be interested in reading something written as a TV show script#1 I mean maybe. You'd probably have to trick the general audience on here that it's a book and not a script. I'm guessing a (...)

    2. Re: On Writeathon And Sexual Content

      Out of curiosity, why is sexual content not allowed for Writeathon? Oh, I know! Because the admins know that all the novels with sexual content would outcompete the more wholesome works, lol... Just kidding. (...)

    3. Re: Do people follow stories without actually clicking follow?

      Do people follow stories without actually clicking follow?#1 Yes. Most of my views are from people who are not followers. Since you're a premium member, you should be able to check this within your analytics, (...)

    4. Re: How far is too far?

      How far is too far?#1 I can tell that you haven't gone far enough from this question. Keep going! Lol...

    5. Re: what if there were 3 biological sexes?

      what if there were 3 biological sexes?#1 I'll take a jab at this, but only because I like science. I would try the approach where your third sex is just a carrier for the offspring. This idea stems from (...)

    6. Re: What game are you playing?

      I played Soulash all weekend! If I wrote as much as I played video games, I'd have like eight books by now XD

    7. Re: How Many Stories Do You Read?

      How Many Stories Do You Read?#1 As of right now, I'm keeping up with about a dozen... Reading takes away from my writing time, and when you add video games on top of that, oh it turns into a disaster. (...)

    8. Re: Are there any frens here? Anyone based?

      Are there any frens here? Anyone based?#1 Welcome to RR, and I've been told that I'm pretty "based." Actually, I'm surprised that I haven't been censored yet. Yay for me lol... 

    9. Re: Simple Guide For Improving View Rate

      This is a good, simple guide. Thank you.

    10. Re: Just a Overlord Fan Fiction writer.

      Welcome to RR, and I'm a huge Overlord fan too! I'm currently reading the fan translations of volume 15. Also, if you wish to read an ongoing fanfiction of Overlord then check out Valkyrie's Shadow.

    11. Re: Surprise me.

      I am your Father!

    12. Re: Tell me how you write

      Tell me how you write#1Is it by the seat of your pants or do you meticulously plan your story out?  Oh man... To outline or to not? Yeah, I outline for sure. How can you not? For my main novel, it's fully (...)

    13. Re: What kind of people should I look for when wanting to have a book cooperation

      What kind of people should I look for when wanting to have a book cooperation#1 I did a collaboration with a friend of mine on RR here. My buddy is an avid reader, yet he had no experience writing stories, (...)

    14. Re: Looking for: Furry Novel

      Absolutely disgusting, yet I will encourage this for the memes, lol... Try - My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25568/my-dungeon-life-rise-of-the-slave-harem 

    15. Re: What kind of covers appeal to LitRPG readers?

      I'm thinking of writing a LitRPG story, but I'm quite new to making and designing covers. Just throw "LitRPG" in big bold lettering on the cover... They will come... Lol.

    16. Re: What kind of armour do you guys like?

      What kind of armour do you guys like to read or write about? A caliber of heavy armor that causes my enemies to crumble beneath me! And squirm... They will no longer! 

    17. Re: Looking for writing advice

      have almost completed my first volumes draft. But it needs polishing, and I'm looking advice on writing compelling characters, especially an MC that's personality starts from scratch and grows with the (...)

    18. Re: Female MC trend?

      Before coming here I read novels on mostly things like Webnovel and Novelupdates, which had an overwhelming male MC popularity. Why is it different here? Uh, I don't think it's different. From my understanding, (...)

    19. Re: Is my cover any good?

      I just made this cover myself, but I am not a skilled graphic designer and have no experience designing a book cover.  What do you all think? Does it stand out? Do you want to click on it? Or should I (...)

    20. Re: Howdy..

      Anyway, I hope to be posting some work soon. Will you be writing some westerns then?