Starborne Warrior

Style – One thing that readers will either hate or love about this story is that it features both first and third-person descriptions. It doesn’t bother or attract me either way, but for some, it’s some kind of unforgivable pet peeve. I think the author uses the transitions well though, and it’s not an accident when it happens.

Story – One thing I love about this story is that the author has ‘Mistborn’ style mythology/flashbacks chapters. Normally, I hate flashbacks. However, here they’re used as flashbacks should be – to give the reader hints at what’s coming next.

Grammar – this author and I share the same writing style in the way that we both tend to write unique sentences now and then. Sometimes you’ll have to re-read a line or two to understand what’s being said, but I don’t view it as a negative (I am biased).

Character – The MC is the strongest and most well-developed character, the first person POV helps with that. Some characters do tend to have super-fast aspect changes, but since this is a fast-paced action story, it’s nothing to cry over.

Overall – I enjoyed this story! It’s solid, and I’ll be reading more of it in the future!

The Painter: A fantasy psych thriller and epic

Style – There are a few similarities between this author and myself, we both tend to describe things in blocks of text. Depending on our preference, that could be a good or bad thing. I enjoy it. However, the author might find that going back to the start and putting some formatting touches on the material would help a great deal to really get readers to sink their attention in. I know it helped me!

Story – Slow burn is my preferred style of story, and the author delivers on that taste perfectly. I know many readers on this site want to see ‘GO-GO-GO’ but they’d find that if they sit down and really read what’s going on in this story then they’d have a great experience.

Grammar – There are a few odd text choices here and there, but honestly when it comes down to it these are mostly personal differences in how I would write certain parts of dialogue and whatnot. It’s nothing to fuss over and doesn’t detract from the story in any way.

Character – These characters feel like people I’d meet in real life. With goals and goings-on of their own. It’s nice to see a fleshed-out cast!

Overall – Making a story like this requires a real artist, and the author delivers!

The Reincarnation of the Transcendental

Style - I like the general descriptions of things in this story and how the author uses them. I wouldn't say it's purple prose, but it's hard to argue that having more details is less.

Story - I laughed out loud when I read this literal God was isekai'd into a baby. Like of all things, a baby? That's hilarious. Yet, our MC doesn't find it funny at all. In fact, he's a bit absolutely livid, understandably.  The story being set in superhero world is one of those elements that, for some reason, really helps mesh the setting together. A baby-god would be wild to see, but if Super Joe can shoot lasers from his eyes, it's not really that far fetched.

Grammar - There are some bits of odd phrasing here and there, but nothing major or at least big enough to really complain about. Then again, babies aren't known for being well spoken.

Character - I mean seriously, a baby?! I kid (pun intended). I'm looking forward to seeing how this baby-god grows up though.

Overall - I can see this story going in several directions from here, and all of them show a lot of promise! This is a great read!

3 Bodies 1 Soul

Three Dudes One Controller

Style - I've never read a story like this before. One person controlling three bodies wasn't even a type of story that I've ever seen or thought of existing. The style of having three people being controlled by one mind might sound chaotic, but it flows incredibly well and comes off as a true three-in-one.

Story - This story starts fast and goes hard right out the gate. I appreciate good set up, but starting this story off with the trio brings a kind of chaos that's super entertaining.

Grammar - I didn't catch any flaws in the grammar. But also the story's flow in the first person feels so oddly fitting.

Character - All three 'bodies' have personalities that make up different aspects of the whole that the MC controls. They don't seem to get along, but they fit together like a horrible and amazing puzzle that you can't look away from.

Overall - Honestly I say you should read this story for the sheer unique factor if nothing else. I've never seen anything like it, and it doesn't feel like some tacky gimmic, but a well thought out and well written story. I'm looking forward to seeing what this story brings us in the future!

Splinter of Calanthia

Style - The style of this story is simple, but not basic. We've all seen the isekai set up before, and we know how the story will start off. That being said, I'm a big fan of keeping it simply and relying on the fundamentals to write a good story, and the author does that very well here.

Story - I've seen some comments that say the story is confusing, but I disagree. I think most people want to read spoonfed stories instead of having to think carefully about what they're reading, and use their noggin to part together what's going on themselves. Maybe that's just my taste, but the author has delivered so far on building intrege.

Grammar - I didn't catch any glaring issues. I can be very nit-picky, but nothing caught my eye or bothered me, so no negative remarks there.

Characters - Tight and solid characterization, Thomas is a well made MC. 

Overall - It's a good story! I'm going to keep reading it and see if the quality stays high as the author keeps adapting and improving. If you want to be early to a new LitRPG that has potential to become one of the next big stories on this site, join me!

A Witch's World

Style - The style of the story is fantastic. It's gritty, dark, dangerous, witty, yet doesn't become an edgy '1v All' OP story. Our protagonist has her gifts (or curse, since being a Witch is a big no-no), but she also has her limits. The descriptions are really top notch and makes everything from the setting the the society feel real and functioning.

Story - Great at establishing the risks of the world. Just existing as a Witch makes one at risk of being killed by 'burn the witch!' type people. There's always solid tension, but it's not exhausting. It feels like when a problem arises, the issue is solved and there's a rewarding payout. Classic solid storytelling.

Grammar - I didn't catch any glaring issues. And that only happens when I'm reading something I'm enjoying!

Characters - Again, great characterization. Ivy is likeable, but no pushover. The side characters don't take up all the limelight, but they're by no means irrelevant. When reading backstory and lore doesn't feel like reading backstory and lore, you're doing something right.

Overall - It's a good story! I'm going to keep reading it and see where it goes, I suggest you do the same.

The Paradigm - LitRPG Apocalypse

Style – The story starts off slow – but that’s how it should be. You can’t build up a power creep starting with a ton of power, plus the author straight up tells us that’s how it’s going to be in the bio. Good planning.

Story – Post-Apocalyptic isn’t a new genre, and can definitely feel worn out at times, but this work makes it feel fresh. Maybe its just the quality of the work, but it reads much better than the run-of-the-mill types of stories that I’ve seen on this site.

Grammar – No story is ‘perfectly’ written, but what few errors I’ve seen in passing through are very minor nitpicks that aren’t worth pointing out in a review. I’ve read far too many unreadable stories to take it out on one that’s consistently good overall.

Character - Blair feels very human, which is a quality I like in my MCs. Although there aren’t many examples of character interactions to base it off of since this story is still fairly new, what I’ve read so far is promising and I’m looking forward to seeing how her relationships with the other characters develop in the future.

Overall – Good story. Do read. Want Trident.

*This review was part of a review swap, but the above opinions are my own*

Heretical Oaths

Progression Fantasy at its best

Style - It's got all the right pieces for a world-building adventure. The lore isn't dragged out and feels like it actually applies to the scene that its taking place in and fills out the setting. It helps to have addictive cliffhangers at the end of each chapter to keep the intrigue.

Story - Mystery and fantasy with DnD and (I think) a light touch of SCP? Either way, this is right up my ally and scratches the itch this genre gives me.

Grammar - I didn't catch anything off or out of place - though I do think having slightly more 'blue-boxes' would help (but that's just my taste so take it with a grain of salt.)

Character - Lily actually has depth and personality and the interaction between her and other characters like Jasmine has good flow.

Overall - It's rare to see good writing on this site, and this story was a surprise to be sure - but a welcome one. I'm only on chapter 8;.1 as of right now, but I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this story and to continue enjoying it in the future. Thanks!


*This review was part of a review swap, but the above opinions are my own.*