1. Re: How much should you read before deciding if you like a novel or not?

      I dont have a set amount. Some books revolt me from page 1 and I won't continue. Sometimes I read 4-5 chapters and get bored. Sometimes I finish till the end and want more. It either interests me or not. (...)

    2. RE: Wolves don't bark and you feel pain in dreams

      I didn't read it all, but just FYI, if your first fact is wrong, then I'm not reading on. Wolves DO wag their tails. All the searches I've performed indicate that wild wolves also use their tail instinctively. (...)

    3. RE: Tense in writing.

      http://www.nownovel.com/blog/writing-tenses-past-present-future/ You can write in pretty much all tenses, but generally past and present are used. The thing is that you are in fact narrating a story, (...)

    4. RE: Speed versus Quality

      I'd never reduce quality for speed.. but hey, I never finished anything yet :D

    5. RE: The cliché of reincarnation. How to make it better?

      I'd go with a different idea. Being reborn, doesn't mean someone has the skills from before, or the perhaps even the same interest. It could mean a simple aptitude for some things specifically, which translates (...)

    6. RE: How far reaches our Penguin Empire?

      Dutch guy living in Bulgaria

    7. RE: Are there problems with my writing?

      As no-1 did anything, I'll just give a short review on Chapter 1. I came back home and undressed before slipping myself into the pool; it was 5 metres by 5 metres - as far as I see, there is no need to (...)

    8. RE: Chase Scene

      Why don't you post an excerpt so we can see, read and experience your current scene. Its hard to give advice in general, more so cause I don't know your style, nor the setting.

    9. RE: What type of A.I. would you like to see in a VR story? And advice on AI in VR stories

      In my world AI is the bad guy, simply cause it doesn't understand the idea of actually living. It has a pre-set full of rules that are supposed to be followed, any deviation of these rules means that (...)

    10. RE: How deep down the rabbit hole did you go?

      I think in both cases, you'll need to know where to draw the line. A lot of people have shown that they went WAY to deep into the rabbit hole for an effective story. Most of going too deep stems from (...)

    11. RE: How deep down the rabbit hole did you go?

      Enough to make sure that the ideas that I have are applicable or not. To do fact checks and make sure I don't mention really stupid ideas. That's where it ends for me. I have no historical facts, no scientific (...)

    12. RE: Blind revenge Vs. Struggling to revenge

      Hello!  I have been writing my novel for a while, and one of my readers brought up an interesting view on revenge.  I was wondering what you would do if you had to revenge against someone. Are (...)

    13. RE: Single POV vs. Multi-POV: A question of taste or artistic flair?

      I think POV especially whether single or multiple is a story and plot driven decision. . Can you do the story right from one PoV Or do you NEED more than one to cover the whole scope of the story. Do you (...)

    14. RE: question.......

      I do not like to write fanfiction.

    15. RE: To writers: What motivates you to write and to keep writing?

      For me the improvement of the quality of my work, the mutation of how I write is reason to continue. If I review what I wrote a year ago, with how I wrote now, the difference is very visible, readable (...)

    16. RE: Q - Chatper Length - Am I doing it wrong? (Inconsistent length of chapters)

      I would consider the following: Do the chapters feel whole? You are telling a story, a scene, and you need to start and end, that's the idea of a chapter. So, does it feel whole? There have been books (...)

    17. RE: I have a valentine question...

      Always been bitter :D

    18. RE: MCs of Color?

      My story is about Greenskins!!

    19. RE: Tendencies and motivations in a medieval fantasy world

      Welcome thats the part that is world building. All motivators and hgroups can be made asyou want..