1. Re: My TOP FIVE writing advice to all authors!

      Yep.... I can see all the great literature I have been missing. All the high-minded creation. The wisdom of process. The "how-to's" liberally shared. Stretchy fabrics and mammary.  I couldn't finish (...)

    2. Thanks Bokhi!

      A gracious thanks to one of the many most helpful. While bottom dwellers ride around to give 0.5 ratings because they like to be an anonymous scourge, there are a host of really good helpful peeps here. (...)

    3. Re: Where are you releasing/publishing?

      Sourcing cover art (if I don't do my own)?  I know I'm not the one you asked but from a writing group I'm apart of I've found goonwrite to be a good place to find covers. They're relatively cheap (...)

    4. Re: story submission for journals?

      Seems such a mix of requests/requisites from publishing journals. I have submitted a couple on their required forum "Submittable", then there are those that welcome email with attachment. Am I to assume (...)

    5. Re: Where are you releasing/publishing?

      I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you have. Hopefully, the answers will even be coherent, lol. If you were referring to me or the thread I didn't know. Sorry if you were on about the thread (...)

    6. Re: Where are you releasing/publishing?

      Sorry to hear it's been a bit rough on you. Feel free to drop my a DM if you start your own site. I'm working on one for TSC right now, and I'm actually pretty old and old school, so I have a links out (...)

    7. Re: Where are you releasing/publishing?

      The truth is, for traditional fiction or more of the traditional fiction genres, there isn't a great place for it. Wattpad used to be the better place for traditional novelist to go. I mean, many people (...)

    8. Re: story submission for journals?

      Yes, there is babysitting involved. It's a little easier if you use Duptrope or something like it. When I as around a lot of short-story writers, that was what they were using to submit to and keep (...)

    9. Re: story submission for journals?

      Welcome to academia. I don’t know if it’s the same for literary journals, but in general pay per view or subscription journals gain complete copyright of your or your institution’s work. Sometimes they (...)

    10. story submission for journals?

      A question to those who have been submitting - shorts in this case, but novels too, in essence of the question. When you find the restrictive submission criteria, that if your story is picked up elsewhere, (...)

    11. Re: Where are you releasing/publishing?

      Technically, I probably should've left very early on, like a few other writers I've seen on the forums writing something vastly different who have left. I just stuck around for the characters on the forums (...)

    12. Re: Where are you releasing/publishing?

      But if you keep at it your audience does grow, albeit slowly... This is true in certain genres here.  Write off-genre and it's a certainty the views dry up.  Write a curious story about an odd man, (...)

    13. Re: Your Common Hurdles

      The rough draft is magic. It's straight up channeling daydreams and euphoria. Even the first edits aren't too terribly bad because I'm often adding new things and getting little zaps here and there. (...)

    14. Re: Where are you releasing/publishing?

      Right now here, Fictionate.me, and my own website with plans to stop releasing on here. How come you're planning on stopping releasing here ? Well, I don't write the darling genres or any other story (...)

    15. Re: What is the greatest moment of sheer badassery in your book?

      C-4 obliteration of the Big Baddie and his palace on the Sea of Murmura.  The guys took out the "protection" in seconds, and then hunted Big Baddie down, secured his ass, and called in the demolition. (...)

    16. Re: Does it also bother you when a character's name is dumb / silly / weird?

      When the name is part of the ironic element of character, I think it serves story. So, it depends on the story more than anything. If writing tragic drama, naming anyone Poindexter is pretty much a (...)

    17. Re: Six-word Story Challenge

      Home behind us, bloody work ahead. I like this one a LOT! Nice! Mighty full 6 words!

    18. Re: Six-word Story Challenge

      Last breaths want nothing, I survived.

    19. Re: Anything.

      Be careful what you wish for?  Or something like that.  Heck of a time for an imagination to fail me. Stage fright. Or whatever that equivalent is for the guys of the written word. 

    20. Re: traditional publishing experience - or any with the knowledge question

      According to them, the only thing allowing them to survive is the exclusivity. If you want to publish your manuscript, take down your RR uploads. It's a not a loss, you'll swap a marketing tool for another. (...)